Today's Opinions

  • Former court official encourages support for Stacy Bruner


    A note to the people of Trimble County: My name is Billie Jo Jones. Some of you may remember me. I served the people of Trimble County as Family Court Deputy Clerk for seven years and very much enjoyed my job.

    I had the pleasure of working with Stacy Bruner. I am encouraging all voters to get out and vote on May 22, 2012 for Stacy Bruner as our new Trimble County Circuit Clerk. She is experienced. Stacy served as Deputy and then Chief Deputy in the Circuit Clerk’s Office. She knows the job and what it takes to do it right.

  • Project Prom chair expresses appreciation to local community, committee members


    On behalf of Trimble County Project Prom I would like to thank those who donated to us. Whether it was through a donation of money, items or time we appreciate all that was given to make this event such a success.

    I would especially like to thank the Project Prom Committee and the dedication they have brought to this committee. Many were new to this committee this year and they were fantastic workers. Without a committee this event would not be possible.

  • Kentucky seeing beginnings of lasting growth

    Earlier this year, as the General Assembly was putting together the budget to run state government, it was becoming increasingly clear that the state was finally beginning to see some lasting growth.

    That was further confirmed several weeks ago, when one of the state’s economists said that “all signs are pointing to the likelihood that the recovery is here to stay.”

  • Good things still happen

  • The worth of a bird

    I’m not a huge fan of birds.

    One time I told someone birds are the reason God created BB guns and sling shots.

    Kidding. Just kidding. Don’t send me letters.

  • Bob’s Bunch Battling ALS Benefit


    On April 14th,  Bob’s Bunch Battling ALS held a fundraiser at the Morgan Community Center.  The benefit was a huge success raising $15,545.  The money raised will be used for research to find a cure and patient services.

  • Legislative session included several high-profile issues

    Each legislative session is inevitably remembered for a key issue or two, and this year’s will undoubtedly be recalled for the toughest budget most of us have seen in our lifetime and for taking a comprehensive approach on drug abuse.

    There were several other high-profile issues as well, including the legislature’s latest effort to crack down on copper thefts and making sure that the interest on the sizeable federal loan for the state’s unemployment insurance fund is covered so businesses wouldn’t lose a much-needed tax credit.

  • Which way should I go?

    I am notorious for my lack of a sense of direction.

    Just the other day one of our photographers at the newspaper caught me going south when I should’ve been going north to an assignment.

    He laughed about it, as did I. But there have been many times I’ve given him wrong directions to an assignment and he hasn’t laughed.

    Even with a GPS and written directions I still get it wrong six out of 10 times.