Today's Opinions

  • Bob’s Bunch Battling ALS Benefit


    On April 14th,  Bob’s Bunch Battling ALS held a fundraiser at the Morgan Community Center.  The benefit was a huge success raising $15,545.  The money raised will be used for research to find a cure and patient services.

  • Legislative session included several high-profile issues

    Each legislative session is inevitably remembered for a key issue or two, and this year’s will undoubtedly be recalled for the toughest budget most of us have seen in our lifetime and for taking a comprehensive approach on drug abuse.

    There were several other high-profile issues as well, including the legislature’s latest effort to crack down on copper thefts and making sure that the interest on the sizeable federal loan for the state’s unemployment insurance fund is covered so businesses wouldn’t lose a much-needed tax credit.

  • Which way should I go?

    I am notorious for my lack of a sense of direction.

    Just the other day one of our photographers at the newspaper caught me going south when I should’ve been going north to an assignment.

    He laughed about it, as did I. But there have been many times I’ve given him wrong directions to an assignment and he hasn’t laughed.

    Even with a GPS and written directions I still get it wrong six out of 10 times.

  • Special session ends with passage of key legislation

    It took a little longer than anyone wanted, but the General Assembly took two major steps forward for the state on Friday when it finalized the funding for the $4.5 billion road plan and approved a far-reaching measure to combat the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

  • Bob’s Bunch thanks Arkema, others for supporting ALS campaign


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arkema Carrollton Plant and its employees for their support for my family. I was employed at this company for more than 25 years before I left to work home health full time. My brother-in-law was diagnosed with ALS three years ago and my family has been very active in fundraising for this non-profit organization to search for a cure, buy equipment and provide support for people affected by this  terrible disease.

  • Implementing the skill of listening

    Have you ever met someone who seems to enjoy talking just for the joy of hearing themselves speak? They go on and on and don’t seem to need a response, or allow time for one. It is as though they are filling the space around themselves with their own words. Time goes by and you find yourself wanting to get away from them. Perhaps this person just never learned good conversational skills which are based on listening. Everyone wants an opportunity to have their say and to be validated.

  • Getting back to the garden

    When we first moved to Florida, our oldest daughter was 14 and not happy about the move. Being 14, she cried. A lot.

    One of her many places of tears was Sunken Gardens, the old Florida attraction in St. Petersburg. It’s supposedly the oldest commercial tourist attraction on Florida’s west coast and one of the first botanical gardens in the U.S.

    In 1903, George Turner, Sr., a plumber and avid gardener, bought the site, which included a shallow lake, 10 feet below sea level. He drained it and planted a “sunken” garden.

  • Chief Long has Milton’s back

    I write to you today in response to the letter written to you from Larry Graves. First, let me start by saying I am a career firefighter from Iowa. I attended a weeklong command and control class at the National Fire Academy in February with the Milton Fire Chief, Jason Long. This class was specifically designed for officers of fire departments that will deal with   large scale incidents, i.e. tornadoes.