• Resident supports Signature Healthcare


    My name is James Gividen. I am a resident at Signature HealthCare of Trimble County, and I’ve been here for 14 months.

    I am responding to an ad that was placed on the back page of the Trimble Banner (Dec. 14, 2011) that said our Signature nursing home is not a good place.

    I want to say that it is a good place. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to be in a nursing home. The nursing staff is excellent. The kitchen staff is excellent. The place is very clean.

  • Reader writes to support Signature’s Trimble facility


  • Youth In Need Holiday Assistance Program efforts appreciated


    The Trimble County Youth In Need Holiday Assistance Program has been able this season to provide well over 200 youth and more than 90 families with gifts and food for Christmas. This is a yearly service that is provided through the Trimble County Schools Family Resource Center and the Youth Services Center.

  • Heavy volume of truck traffic a concern on Wentworth Road


    My family and I live on Wentworth Road, neighboring the land LG&E has designated for the proposed ash landfill. Lately, we have been subjected to constant large truck traffic from 6 in the morning to as late as 8 at night. In the last two weeks, it has been extended to include Saturdays and, this past weekend, they worked all day Sunday.

  • Bedford Deputy Clerk writes to thank community


    I wish to thank everyone who participated in the Community Thanksgiving dinner at the Morgan Community Center. The food was delicious. Everyone who helped prepare the food, servers, clean up crew, everyone involved, I cannot thank you enough. I hope to see everyone next year. If you have any comments good or bad please contact me so we can discuss the matter.


    Rita Davis

    Bedford, Ky.

  • Reader questions intent of ‘special interest groups’ in county


    Is there no shame in Trimble County?

    I can remember that 10 years ago when a special interest group of people were crying about how we needed zoning here. They said that if not passed the lower class of people would destroy Trimble County by moving in with their trailers, drinking, their drugs and trashing our beloved county. It did not happen.

  • Community’s support appreciated at school’s Fall Festival


    The Bedford Elementary School PTA would like to thank the community for their support of the 2011 BES Fall Festival. We had a great turnout for the food, games, raffle, and auction.

    The Fall Festival was a huge success, because of your donations, support, and time. The faculty, staff, and students are grateful to have such a wonderful and involved community that truly cares about the success of their young people.

  • Basketball teams seek help with program


  • Reader supports Magistrate Hamilton

    Once again I would like to applaud Nolan Hamilton for his stand against the Sunday sale of wine. He is serving the county well. After attending the court meeting the other day I feel like most of the county is against this ordinance. I saw people from different parts of the county. I have come to realize the only thing left to do is at the ballot box. So, friends, be sure to vote in the next election. We must do all we can to stand against things like this.
    Timothy Schermer
    Milton Ky.

  • Trimble County Search & Rescue Unit

    Trimble County Search & Rescue Unit

    A lot of people don’t know who we are and what we do. We are there if you need us to be. The Trimble County Emergency Search Unit is a group of wonderful skilled and trained volunteers that help to find lost and missing persons and that’s why I joined the team three years ago. I am a single mother of three, very proud of them all and I try to make them proud of me in all I do now. I am very glad this unit is there if I ever need them to be called upon to find my children if they ever wondered off.