• Renters Beware


    Before you give a deposit or sign a lease on a trailer in Bedford get a lot of close-up pictures before you move in. This is not necessary for Alvin or Lucian Sullivan, they are honest men and they will work with you on your rent to them. There are other ones out there just taking care of themselves and nothing else.

    If you would like more information about what trailers and where, please call me and I will gladly fill you in and share my five-month nightmare.

  • Reader takes issue with controlled burn letter of Jan. 9


    This letter is in regards to a letter that was published and written by Ruby Hartman.

    First of all, Ms. Hartman stated she had called the Kentucky State Police Post and reported she would be having a controlled burn. She also stated she told them it would be wood and nothing illegal about it.

    Well, I have done some researching and the only type of wood that is considered for legal burning is clean lumber and is to be in a 55-gallon container with air temperatures below 50 degrees and for construction site warming only.

  • Resident upset after controlled burn incident


    This letter is in response to the article that was published in The Trimble Banner dated Dec. 26, 2012. The article was under the Milton Commission report.

    First of all, I would like to clarify something concerning the statement Jason Long made that “volunteer responders also tackled an illegal burn within the city limits. Also the responsible party is subject to a $25,000 fine.”

  • Youth in Need Holiday Assistance Program participants thanked


    I am writing to express our sincere appreciation to everyone that participated in the Youth In Need Holiday Assistance Program. Thank you for making sure that our children in Trimble County were able to have a very Merry Christmas. With all that may seem wrong in our world today, it is great to be a part of a program and community that makes a positive difference in the life of a child.

  • Couple hurt by city worker’s attitude over cemetery marker


    My husband, James Anderson, was adopted. So when we got married he wanted to know where his mother was buried. It took me a long time to find the records. We didn’t have much money so we painted a wooden cross to mark it. It was stolen out of the graveyard. I told Rita about it at city hall.

    Then on Dec. 11 we went to the graveyard to see his mother’s grave. The marker James’ brother, John Mahuron, and my husband bought was destroyed and the new big cross was leaning badly.

  • Bedford Elementary Fall Festival successful thanks to community

    The Bedford Elementary PTA would like to thank everyone who took part in making our Fall Festival on November 3rd a success.  We truly appreciate all those who volunteered their time and their financial support.  A huge Thank You to the Milton Fire Department for frying our fish.  
    A big thank you to all the individuals and businesses in Trimble County and the surrounding communities who donated money and items for the annual auction.

  • Open letter of thanks to the people of Trimble County


    For the past four years my family and I have been engaged in a family tragedy that took place in your county.  My brother, Steven Michael Jones was murdered near the Ohio River in Milton, Ky. The case is now closed, due to the excellent professional work by Trimble County public servants.

  • Tuttle family expresses appreciation for kindnesses of community

    Editor and Dear Friends:

    The outpouring love, kindness, and generosity of the Carroll County Community and surrounding counties has been phenomenal. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to live and work here. Our family has received visits, meals, calls, cards, emails, and messages too numerous to count. Even though we have lost Caroline, her memory lives on through the love we all had for her.  Your prayers have given us strength as we search for peace while we travel down this road of grief.

    Thank you again,

  • Reader displeased with Trimble education


    I am never surprised with the 90 percent of the elected that serves we the people of Trimble County. Keep in mind I mean this with kindness of heart for most, not all, do a very good service they are elected to do for the great people that live here.

  • Quality care helps people feel better


    This year I celebrated my tenth year of providing OB/GYN care to those in our community and surrounding counties. I chose to practice in La Grange because the community was similar to the small town in which I was raised in eastern Kentucky. My goal was to bring quality care from the “city” to our community so our residents didn’t have to drive to town for excellent care.