Trimble County

  • Writer recounts experience of riding out last week’s storm

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    “We better watch the weather tonight, I heard bad weather is coming!”
    That was the comment from my husband last Tuesday night, Feb. 28. Wow! Was he correct! WAVE 3 had three meteorologists analyzing and reporting what they knew about the storm, throughout the night. They were providing the general public with times, areas, and expectations. Their timeline was impeccable.

  • Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday

    Kentucky Press News Service
    Standard Time will soon give way to Daylight Saving Time. The change will occur at 2 a.m. on Sunday. The change means the loss of an hour of sleep but the days will seem longer since sunset will occur an hour later.
    When you go to bed on Saturday night, set you clocks ahead one hour. For instance, if you go to bed at 11 p.m. on Saturday, set your clocks ahead one hour to midnight. They will have the correct time when you awaken Sunday morning.

  • House passes bill to increase penalties for horse cruelty

    FRANKFORT, Ky. –The House passed a measure last week creating stiffer penalties for horse owners convicted of cruelty to animals in Kentucky. House Bill 200, which is sponsored by Pro Tempore David Osborne, R-Prospect, allows for payment of restitution while also streamlining transfer of ownership.


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    Did you know animal cruelty is a misdemeanor in our beautiful state?
    Did you know we are ranked in the bottom tier of states listed for animal protection laws protecting our animals?
    What can you do?
    At this point there is not a new bill being voted on, addressing animal cruelty. Therefore, you may feel your hands are tied. However, you can begin to make some noise to start the much-needed process.

  • Trimble County FFA
  • Free employment and education assistance available from Adult Ed

    Have you ever wondered how Trimble County Adult Education can help you or a family member? We have four programs available (Adult Education / Kentucky Career Center / Kentucky Career Youth / Work and Learn) to Trimble County residents who have employment and/or work needs. They provide a wide range of services that are all free.  

  • LG&E permit approved

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    Louisville Gas & Electric Trimble County Power Station has been approved to build a 189 acres landfill on their 2000 acres in Wises Landing.

  • Trimble County High School FFA’s year in review

    By John-Michael Sachleben
    Special to The Trimble Banner
    The year of 2016 was a great rebuilding year for the Trimble County FFA Chapter. Many great things have happened or have been put into motion for the benefit of our FFA Chapter. To start off the year new officers were elected. These included President Ian Reams, Vice President Katie Via, Secretary Brooke Huff, Treasurer Donovan Liter, Reporter John-Michael Sachleben, Sentinel Isaac Schwarz, and Committee Chairman Haley Howard.

  • Make the voluntary ‘ag tag’ donation, invest in state’s youth

    By Ryan Quarles
    Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture
    FRANKFORT — You are proud to be a farmer. That is why you buy farm license plates for your farm vehicles. When you renew your farm plates – or “ag tags” – you have the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to the Ag Tag Fund to help support and promote Kentucky agriculture

  • Field representative for Sen. Paul to be in Bedford

    On Thursday, March 9, Sen. Rand Paul’s field representative for Trimble County will hold mobile office hours from 2 to 3 p.m. at the Trimble County Public Library, 35 Equity Drive in Bedford. Those who may require assistance in dealing with federal agencies or who wish to discuss matters related to the federal government are encouraged to visit. For additional information, please call or text Robert Augustine at (502) 572-8334, or email robert_augustine@paul.senate.gov.