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  • Give to the 'Ag Tag' to support our agricultural future

    Deep roots grow leaders. That’s how Kentucky’s agricultural community develops leaders for our future.

    “Deep roots grow leaders” is also the theme of this year’s Ag Tag campaign to raise funds to invest in organizations building the leaders of tomorrow.

  • The essentials on essential oils

    By now, you’ve likely heard about essential oils, but may not be familiar with their benefits and risks. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils derived from plants. While used for centuries, their popularity has soared, especially among individuals looking for natural healing options.

  • Planning for the future, but what future do we want?

    Reviving the Trimble County Chamber of Commerce seems laudable at first.

    Any planning that could lead to enhanced lives in the county is an important activity. Important considerations now must look seriously at what are really progressive, and sustainable developments, in the face of a rapidly-changing environment where traditional growth reliant heavily on fossil fuels could be out of the question soon. That goes for new school construction as well as any other infrastructure developments associated with a desire for growth.

  • KDH earns ACR accreditation in mammography

    MADISON, Ind. – King’s Daughters’ Health has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in mammography as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

  • Public records | Feb. 21, 2019

    Items published in court news are public record.

    The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.

    Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.

    The following cases were heard the week of Feb. 11 by the Honorable Judge Diana E. Wheeler.


  • Sheriff's log | Feb. 21, 2019

    Feb. 11

    9:03 a.m., traffic hazard, U.S. 42 East

    11:32 a.m., property damage accident, 34 mile marker I-71 North

    6:23 p.m., domestic abuse, 143 Summerfield Court

    7:10 p.m., unauthorized use of a vehicle, 661 School Hollow Road

    7:20 p.m., traffic stop, Palmyra Road

    9:54 p.m., motorist assist, 2000 U.S. 42 East

    10:10 p.m., abandoned vehicle, Ruby’s Drive

    Feb. 12

    9:55 a.m., 911 hang-up, 134 Shepherd Lane

    10:12 a.m., miscellaneous complaint, 233 Harley Lane

  • Long-term care should be key piece of financial planning

    Long-term care is often times an after-thought in someone’s financial plan. I argue that it needs to be a key component of the financial planning process from step one. But why? What’s so important about long term care?

  • Community, library and senior events | Feb. 21, 2019

    Community Calendar

    Feb. 28

    Tri-County Community Action Agency’s Board of Directors meets at 10 a.m. at the John Black Community Center in Buckner. The public is invited to attend.

    March 1

  • Solar energy bill up for discussion again this session

    There’s a saying in sports that championships are won in the off-season. In the General Assembly, however, new laws are won in committee, since that’s where most of the substantive work to pass them takes place.

    The Kentucky House has 16 committees that consider legislation, and while they may have many bills referred to them, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of these proposals will be heard, much less approved.

  • Senate sends conceal carry, pro-life bills to House

    It was a productive third week of the 2019 Regular Session, as the General Assembly remained hard at work in Frankfort.

    Working with our colleagues across the aisle, we forged ahead in committee meetings in which we heard testimony, discussed policy, and advanced bills for a floor vote. Friday, we reached the filing deadline for new bills in the Senate. Moreover, we are pleased with the consequential legislation that is before us this session.