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  • Fighting the battle with chiggers

    It’s chigger time across Kentucky. Just talking about them may make you itch. Chiggers are actually the immature stage of certain mite species. You’ll find them most often in overgrown, bushy areas. They also congregate in shady, humid areas near stream banks, under or around shade trees or in berry thickets.

    After hatching, larvae crawl around until they find and attach to a suitable host. In addition to humans, chiggers feed on a variety of wild and domestic animals, including snakes, turtles, birds, rodents and domestic pets such as dogs and cats.

  • Summertime fun without breaking the bank

    After a snowy, cold winter and a spring filled with heavy rain and thunderstorms, it’s no surprise that Kentuckians are welcoming the arrival of summer. With that excitement, however, comes the temptation to overspend. Between rising gas and grocery prices, vacations and extra expenses for summer outings such as golf, the community pool or summer camp, it can be easy to splurge. Learning simple ways to stretch your dollar will help your family enjoy the excess of summertime without breaking the bank.

  • High school selects Isley for athletic director role

    Going into his third season as head basketball coach, Mike Isley will also have another hat to wear: Athletic director for Trimble County High School.

    Isley, who has been employed with the district since 2002 and teaches physical education at both Milton and Bedford elementary schools, is taking over the role following the retirement of Frank Ragland. Ragland also talked to Isley about the role before he decided to pursue the vacancy.

  • Never underestimate the 401(k) company match

    Long gone are the days of companies offering monthly pensions to their retirees. While there are still some baby-boomers that have been grandfathered into these pension plans, most are left with only 401(k) plans. So, what’s the deal? Are matching contributions into a 401(k) plan better or worse than a company pension for the employee? Why does it appear that the younger generation is left out in the dark when it comes to a company pension? The fact is, depending on your specific company’s matching contributions, having a 401(k) might be better for you in the long run.

  • Public records | June 14, 2018

    Items published in court news are public record.

    The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.

    Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.

    The following cases were heard the week of June 4 by the Honorable Judge Diane E. Wheeler.


  • Sheriff's call log | June 14, 2018

    June 4

    5:58 a.m., theft complaint, 6849 U.S. 421N

    8:52 a.m., school visit, 1029 U.S. 421N

    9:30 a.m., EMS assist, 4405 Coopers Bottom Road

    10:37 a.m., property damage accident, 10914 U.S. 421N

    June 5

    9 a.m., welfare check, Trimble County Library

    9:58 a.m., suspicious vehicle, 8850 U.S. 42W

    10:41 a.m., knock and talk, Nutgrass Lane

    2:45 p.m., alarm, 45 U.S. 42E

    June 6

    3:25 p.m., miscellaneous complaint, 1048 New Hope Road

    June 7

  • Community calendar | June 14, 2018

    June 14

    Milton City Commission meets at 7 p.m. at Milton City Hall.

    June 15

    The Trimble County High School Class of 1960 will have a reunion 11 a.m. at The Pines in Madison, Ind.

    June 16

  • Marye talks mental health with Rotary

    BY CHARLES LISTON | Special to the Banner

    David Marye recently joined the Bedford Rotary Club, and like many members brings a rich history of his career to share with others.

    Marye has worked with mental health programs his whole career since obtaining a Bachelor of Science psychology from Centre College and a Master of Science in clinical psychology from Murray State in 1973. He grew up near Lexington, began working in Trimble County in 1980, and has resided here since 1990.

  • Defending against fraud

    The Eighth Commandment may call on us not to steal, but the unfortunate reality is that there have always been those who don’t hesitate to rob others. In today’s electronic age, when the thief doesn’t even have to be in the same country as his victim to commit a crime, that has become easier than ever.

  • Looking Back & Do You Remember? | June 14, 2018

    June 16, 1988 (30 years ago)

    Jim and Jo Ann Markham started “The Plantings” interdenominational retreat center off Barebone Road. The couple said they wanted to provide a serene place for family members to deal with small problems before those problems grow more severe. The couple was seeking help with physical labor at the 81-acre site.

    Singh Point won the third race at River Downs on June 11. Gus and Beth Wagner, Mrs. Thoke and Liz Carbine, all of Bedford, owned the horse. He returned to Thoke’s farm in Bedford for a week of rest.