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  • Special meetings are special for a reason. They're not supposed to happen often.

    Sixty-two days ago, Judge-Executive Todd Pollock began his tenure leading Trimble County for the next four years.

  • House to tackle felon voting rights in session

    Last November, nearly two-thirds of Florida’s voters approved a constitutional amendment that automatically restores voting rights to most felons after they complete their sentence. It’s a move that many think is long overdue here in Kentucky, since we’re now just one of two states – Iowa is the other – that still enforces a broad lifetime voting ban in these cases.

  • Looking Back and Do You Remember | Jan. 31, 2019

    Feb. 2, 1989

    (30 years ago)

    In first through eighth grade, 39 students were participating in the Esprit program in Trimble schools for gifted and talented students. Thirty-eight students were involved in the program at the high school level. During the past semester, the lower elementary grades traveled to Shakertown while the upper elementary grades toured the U.K. Medical Center in Lexington. Older students were able to attend the performance of “A Christmas Carol” at Actors Theatre in Louisville.

  • Making a fresh start in 2019

    There are times when all of us have wished that we could start over again. We would like a fresh start or a new page to begin things all over again. Maybe we have messed up and created something that we are ashamed of or do not want to be associated with any longer.

  • Finding ways to spend quality time together as a family

    How much quality time do you spend together as a family? We all seem to have a growing list of tasks we need to complete every day, and it is easy to let time with your partner and children slip down this list.

    But as Kristen Harding from My Family Care explains, spending quality time together is important. It helps our children feel more confident and secure, it builds stronger family bonds, and it is good for our own emotional health.

  • FFA chapter hosts agriculture career, college fair

    BY THOMAS CIFRANIK | Special to the Banner

    The Trimble County Junior/Senior High School Future Farmers of America took to the gymnasium on Friday and sponsored an agricultural career and college fair for students from seventh grade up through high school seniors.

  • Raiders defeat Brown at home, Villa Madonna away

    The Trimble County Raiders got to add two more wins to their season record in last week’s action against Brown at home Tuesday night and at Villa Madonna Saturday.

    In a tough first quarter of shooting, the Bears were only able to get three points on the board while Trimble used that to its advantage and had 14 points. Trimble went into the half with 34 points on the scoreboard, but let Brown catch up to 22 points.

  • Lady Raiders defeat Collegiate, Villa Madonna, Iroquois in win streak

    Three wins in a row! The youthful Trimble County Lady Raiders have been celebrating some joyful times on the basketball court over the past couple of weeks. Coach Kerry Stewart’s cagers picked up their sixth win of the season Monday and extended their winning streak by downing visiting Iroquois 50-38 in Bedford.

  • Don't give firewood insects a new home this season

    Each time you bring a load of firewood inside this winter, you could be opening the door for wood-infesting insects to make your home their home. Most insects brought into the home on firewood are harmless, and you can greatly reduce their numbers by following a few simple steps from the entomology department at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

  • A perfect 'New Year' resolution

    I know this is late, but I just made a New Year’s resolution: I resolve to take more days off from work and not fret about wasting time.

    I resolve to go out for coffee or ice cream or a burger — or maybe even Indian food — with at least one other person, preferably more than one.

    I also resolve to accept more hugs, to “let not (my) heart be troubled” and to eat more maple syrup because it’s a perfect food.