Today's News

  • Tree-Care booklet available for donation

    The Arbor Day Foundation is offering a handy tree-care booklet designed to help people plant and care for trees.  Anyone can receive the Conservation Trees booklet simply by making a $3 donation to the Foundation.  Conservation Trees is a user-friendly booklet that features illustrations, colorful photos and easily understood descriptions.

  • Administration Withdraws Extreme Farm Labor Proposal

    WASHINGTON -- An Obama administration proposal, which would have restricted child labor on farms, was withdrawn last week after criticism from agricultural groups.

    The rules, which were supported by child labor advocates, would have banned children younger than 16 from using most power-driven farm equipment, including tractors, if they had not taken a training course.

    The proposal also would have prevented those younger than 18 from working in feed lots, grain bins and stockyards.

  • Rejuvinate New Year’s resolutions: Get active this spring

    New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get healthier may be long forgotten, but spring, with its beautiful flowers and warmer weather, is the perfect time to rejuvenate those resolutions by getting active outdoors.  

    Most of us know that regular physical activity can help prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of some cancers, help you maintain a healthy weight; strengthen muscles and bones and improve your mental health. Regardless, most of us do not get the exercise we need.

  • Moving houseplants outside; good care of hanging baskets

    In about 10-15 days or so, it will be time to start moving some of your larger houseplants outdoors for the summer. They will get better air circulation and light exposure. This also is a good time to repot your container-bound plants according to Rick Durham, UK Extension Horticulture Specialist.

    Make sure the weather is consistently warm. Since most houseplants have a tropical origin, temperatures below 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit might damage them.

  • Leadership students ‘make a difference’

    Teen Leadership Trimble recently completed its fifth year of helping students “make a difference.”  Twenty-two freshmen and sophomores learned about their community through trips focusing on industry/agriculture, government, history, arts and humanities, and educational empowerment.

  • TCMS names 7th grade Students of the Month

    Trimble County Middle School Principal Mike Genton has announced the TCMS Seventh Grade Students of the Month and Teacher Spotlights for April.


    Monday, May 7: Pizza, *Gilardi cheese sticks, tossed salad, corn, pineapple, fresh fruit

    Tuesday, May 8: Hot ham & cheese on bun, *hoagie on bun, lettuce/tomato, french fries, fresh fruit

    Wednesday, May 9: Asian Day: General Tso chicken, *chili, cheese, chips, rice pilaf, Prince William veggies, fresh fruit/fruit, fortune cookie

    Thursday, May 10: MANAGER’S CHOICE

    Friday, May 11: Pork BBQ on bun, *chicken patty on bun, potato wedges, coleslaw, mandarin oranges, fresh fruit

  • Kentucky state tests coming soon to TCMS


    Special to The Trimble Banner

    The tests are coming! The tests are coming!

    What I am referring to when I say the tests?

    I mean the State tests given every spring. In an interview with the Trimble County Middle School Principal, Mike Genton, he stated that “The students did remarkably better compared to the previous years” in reference to last year’s scores.

  • CAC writing excellence students
  • TCMS SBDM council elected

    The Trimble County Middle School teachers elected their new SBDM council members last week. The teacher representatives for the year of 2012-2013 are: Steve Gamble Kristy Center and Teena Drake.

    Friday the TCMS PTSA elected their new SBDM parent reps for the council.  They are: Jill Sachleben and Jennifer Aponte.

    Mike Genton, Principal, expressed appreciation  Tom Sibley and Sara Spurr for their work as members of the SBDM council for the 2011-2012 school year.