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  • OK, everybody, let’s stop!

    The other morning my friend and co-worker Cristy and I devised a solution for all the major problems of the universe.

    Everybody stop.

    Just stop. Take a breath. Step back. Chill out.

    Politicians, stop politicking. Forget about focus groups and pork spending and back room deals and war room strategies. Democrats aren’t evil and neither are Republicans, so stop treating people with whom you disagree as enemies. We’re all Americans, so stop!


    30 Years Ago (July 29, 1982)
    Trimble County Recreational Park on Highway 421N is a huge success judging by appearance. Day and night this summer you can find a crowd enjoying the activities whether it is tennis, softball or just a picnic. “This has been a good thing for the county,” Troy Dean, Park Superintendent stated. “It’s a good thing for the kids, just look around.”

  • Colorado shooting impossible to accept and understand

    We’ve all been sifting through the events of last Friday, and I think it’s entirely appropriate for the Senate to take a moment to acknowledge the victims of this nightmarish rampage, their families, and the wider community of Aurora.

    In the life of a nation, some events are just so terrible that they compel all of us to set aside our normal routines and preoccupations, step back, reflect on our own motivations and priorities, and think about the kind of lives we all aspire to live.

    This is certainly one of them.

  • Trimble girl in Louisville pageant this weekend
  • Conner Ball among elite sophs

    The University of Kentucky last week entertained a group of more than 180 elite high school sophomores from around the Commonwealth as part of the prestigious “Class of Kentucky” program. The elite group included Trimble County High School sophomore Conner Ball, son of Les and Linda Ball of Bedford.

  • Trimble County Community Calendar

    Wednesday-Friday               July 25-27
    Trimble County Band Pre-Camp will be held at the TC High School from 8 a.m.-noon for All Guard and Percussion members.

    Mt. Hermon Baptist Church on Palmyra Road will be hosting Vacation Bible School from 6:30-8:30 p.m..  Children ages 3 and up are encouraged to join us on our Space Quest!  Call 255-4732 for further details.

  • Rob Brooks helps build Habitat home

  • Stevens’ resignation effective August 15

    On Friday, July13, Trimble County Judge-Executive Stevens made his pending exit from the county’s highest elected office official by submitting his resignation to the governor’s office. Stevens presided over his final meeting of Trimble County Fiscal Court on Monday, July 16.