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  • Higher education a necessity for Kentucky's future

    I’ve kept in contact with some very good friends at my alma mater, Eastern Kentucky University. Some friends have gone back after completing a degree to serve there and influence the next generation’s experience while others complete graduate degrees to enhance their post-college prospects. Although I couldn’t be on campus with them, I recently watched from afar at the prospect of cutting the budget...again, the third time in five years.

  • Legislators return tomorrow for session end

    The common thread binding all good legislation is that, by the time the actual vote arrives, the outcome is all but a foregone conclusion.

    It takes a lot of effort to get to that point, of course. Stakeholders need to be included early on, because they are the ones who will be most affected by any change, and the public must have the chance to weigh in as well. It’s a process that can take months, but when it works, the positive impact is measured in years.

  • Looking Back and Do You Remember | April 12, 2018

    April 14, 1988 | 30 years ago

    High winds toppled trees across highways and county roads, partially destroyed a machine shed and even flipped a mobile home on its side off Palmyra Road. No injuries were sustained during the storms. The Banner notes that most residents suffered a sleepless night.

  • Forgiven people forgive people

    Years ago, I knew a feisty older woman who loved to say, “There’s nothing like a good smiting.”

    She’d point out how, in the Bible, God was always smiting people – and she had a list of people on her own smite list.

    Don’t we all have people we’d rather smite than forgive?

    Last month at the church in Tampa we frequently visit, the pastor talked about the words Jesus spoke from the cross, beginning with “Father, forgive them – they don’t know what they’re doing.”

  • Raising them in the faith

    Christian parents bear a great responsibility in relation to their children.

  • Trimble baseball opens All 'A' Classic with shutout victory

    The Trimble County Raiders drew blood early and often in Monday’s opening round of the Eighth Region All A Classic, claiming a 11-0 shutout victory over Eminence in five innings.

  • Fair weather finally arrives for start of Trimble's baseball season

    Local baseball teams finally beat the weather odds and got in some valuable field time last week. Carroll County’s Panthers motored Thursday to Bedford and finally battled with Trimble County in a game that was postponed from March 26, due to weather. The contest was an exciting match-up with the two teams trading the lead back and forth as the innings progressed.

  • Trimble triumphs in softball season opener with 2 wins

    After nearly three weeks of dealing with weather cancellations, the Trimble County Lady Raiders finally got the 2018 fast pitch softball season underway Thursday with not one, but two wins over Eminence. The wins were the first varsity triumphs for new head coach Kala Judy.

  • Miss Madison announces team's first female crew chief

    The Miss HomeStreet/Miss Madison hydroplane team has announced Kentucky native Cindy Shirley as the new crew chief, becoming the first woman to ever hold the leadership position on a championship-level team in the turbine-era (or modern era) of professional hydroplane racing.

    Shirley, who has been with the Miss HomeStreet/Miss Madison team for 15 years, most recently served as the boat chief. Shirley has been in charge of driver safety systems, general cockpit maintenance and also communicates with the driver during races.

  • Tips for trying a small-scale garden this year

    With more people living in urban areas, many think they do not have the space to garden. A new publication from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, ID-248: “Gardening in Small Spaces,” describes how you can garden in a limited area.