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    Isabella Hines and Troy Grieshaber were named Homecoming queen and king for the 2018 basketball season.

  • Ohio River ice proved destructive to maritime trade a century ago

    The oppressive arctic conditions that prevailed throughout the Ohio River Valley and along the river’s tributaries in the winter of 1917-18 continued late into January. The 12th day of 1918 “was probably the coldest and most disagreeable day experienced in a century,” reported the Monthly Weather Review. Temperatures remained below zero all day, according to the National Weather Service.

  • State police charges Trimble man with child sexual exploitation offenses

    A Pendleton man was arrested by Kentucky State Police Thursday and faces felony charges related to child sexual exploitation.

  • New voting machine demonstration at clerk’s office

    Ross Roberson of Harp Enterprises set up two of Trimble County's new voting machines for demonstration purposes Monday in the deed room of the Trimble County Clerk's Office. Harp Enterprises provides voting machines for 97 of the 120 counties in Kentucky. Voters can cast a fictional paper ballot or use the disability voting machine, also set up, to print a ballot with the voter’s selections. The two machines will be set up for 30 days, said County Clerk Tina Browning.

  • 'Living the dream, baby'

    A career in law enforcement was a dream come true for Tom Starks.

    “I’ve always wanted to be a policeman, ever since I was little running the streets of Lawton, Okla. on my bicycle with a cap gun,” Starks said.

    Starks, who served as the school resource officer for the Trimble County Sheriff’s Office, started in 2010 as the office’s chaplain.

  • Closing a chapter

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    Throughout Ramona Howard’s career at Trimble County Public Library, her colleagues have frequently called her a “Jack of all Trades.” After 27 years of service, Howard will be retiring at the end of January.

    “She’s probably done every job there has been at the library,” said Assistant Director Betsy Tweedy.

  • Election filing deadline is Tuesday

    Time is running out for candidates who want to appear on the ballot in the county’s races for the May primary.

    The deadline to file their paperwork is 4 p.m. Tuesday, said Trimble County Clerk Tina Browning.

    Mayors and city commissioners have until Aug. 14 to file as their race is non-partisan and appears on the general election ballot. Candidates running for the open school board seats also have until Aug. 14 to file.

    For questions, call the Trimble County Clerk’s office at 502-255-7174.

  • Fiscal court debates EMS staff carrying weapons

    Should EMS workers be able to conceal carry while on the job? That was the question raised during the Jan. 16 meeting of the Trimble County Fiscal Court.

    “My thought was that we can’t do that, we can’t allow that, but we kind of found out that I don’t think we’re going to have any say-so in it,” Judge-Executive Jerry Powell said.

  • City looks to construct building for salt storage

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    Freezing weather caused very few problems this past couple weeks in the city limits of Bedford. The major problem was a six to eight-hour shutdown when a pin in the snowplow broke while cleaning the streets. In the cold weather, the plow had to be dismantled and a trip to Louisville to pick up a new pin was not on the agenda but was corrected timely and the streets were cleared. The snow and ice didn’t seem to deter travelers at all.

  • Trimble County High School Homecoming court

    Students selected for the Trimble County High School Homecoming court include Laken Taylor, Alexis Petty, Isabella Hines, Ella Aponte, Daniella Tebib, Mary Daigle, Abby Ponder, Eliza Weston, (back row) Logan Rodgers, Evan Stevens, Paul Bird, Cole Wright, Troy Grieshaber, Aaron Haney, Josh Petty and Jace Ogburn. The Raiders will play Villa Madonna in the homecoming match up at 7 p.m. Friday.