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The above photo was discovered in The Trimble Banner archives. If you know who is being featured in this photo, or when and where the photo was snapped, send an e-mail to editor@mytrimblenews.com or call (502) 255-3205. LAST WEEK’S PHOTO: Darlene White and Shirley Hamilton identified Charlie McClellan, Donnie McCane, Nolan Hamilton, Ronnie McCane, Virgil Handlon and Jamie Jones in last week’s “Do You Remember?” photo.
Looking Back and Do You Remember? | Sept. 19, 2019

August 31, 1989

(30 Years Ago)

An informational meeting regarding the proposed expansion to the Valley View Landfill was flooded with angry protestors. Despite the wave of opposition, it has become increasingly clear that the expansion will ultimately be approved.