Today's Features

  • We all know the story of the elves and the shoe cobbler. The elves would visit the shoe maker after he went to bed. The next morning, he would awaken to dozens of pairs of shoes made by the elves.

    His labors were lightened by the kindness and thoughtfulness of his nighttime visitors.

    I have nocturnal visitations as well. Unfortunately, mine seem bent on undoing all my efforts of the day plus adding a touch of mayhem. Allow me to introduce Dish Gremlins, Silverware Hobgoblins and Lint Trap Trolls.

  • When there aren’t any words yet invented to describe all of life’s strangeness, I just call it “life-ish” — life is life-ish.

    Life isn’t predictable. It’s not stable or same. About the only thing you can count on is that one day you might cry and the next day you might laugh, sigh, gasp and scream all in the same 24 hours.

    That’s life-ish.

  • Bedford Christian hosts VBS Saturday, Sunday

    Bedford Christian Church will have its annual Vacation Bible School program for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, with groups arranged according to the upcoming school year. VBS will take place starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 27 and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, July 28. The theme is “Yee Haw for VBS – Celebrating God’s Greatest Gift.” Sunday activities include a luncheon and an inflatable with wet slide.

    Trimble Hymn Sing is Aug. 1

  • Safety is of utmost importance when preserving food because improperly home-canned food can lead to foodborne illness. 

    Bacteria, yeasts and molds can grow quickly on fresh fruits and vegetables.  Oxygen and enzymes that can cause food to spoil are found all over and inside produce. Safe home-canning methods help prevent the growth of these harmful bacteria, yeast and molds; remove excess oxygen from the food; destroy spoilage enzymes; and allow for year-round enjoyment of the foods from your garden.   

  • The old question concerning why chickens cross the road has confounded us for years.

    The primary answer has been to get to the other side. A more humorous response is the promise of a new day coming when a chicken may cross the road the road without having their motives questioned. Any who know me personally will know which the answer I prefer. The only way we’ll ever know the reason for our beloved barnyard buddy making that journey is known only to them. Based upon my own experience I would like to offer a few of my own ideas behind this commute.

  • This year, one of the University of Louisville’s own was recognized by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

    Sara Robertson, D.N.P., A.P.R.N., F.N.P.-C., UofL School of Nursing assistant professor, received the association’s Advocate State Award for Excellence, given annually to a person in each state who has made a significant contribution toward increasing the awareness and recognition of nurse practitioners. Robertson, a family nurse practitioner, received the award on June 21 during the association’s annual conference in Indianapolis.

  • About five years ago, I started attending an addiction support group for family members and friends.

    Although I didn’t have an addiction to a substance, I quickly discovered I did have an addiction to my “qualifier,” the person who is the reason I was there.

    Each week at this meeting, we’d sit around a table, and in front of us were stand-up cards with various slogans written on them such as “One day at a time” and “Easy does it.”

  • LOUISVILLE – Two recent high school graduates from Trimble County are recipients of scholarships from Trimble County Farm Bureau. In partnership with the County Farm Bureaus, the Kentucky Farm Bureau Education Foundation awarded more than $460,000 this year to deserving students from across the Commonwealth.

  • I’ve finally come to turns with the fact that there is positively no situation in which I won’t collide, trip, stumble over or sideswipe while attempting to navigate. My acceptance of this situation has completely changed my attitude toward my stupendous degree of ungainliness. I’ve spent many, many hours forcibly laughing my way through yet another disaster.

  • When the summer heat is making you sweat, hitting the pool is a great way to keep the family cool. While swimming is a ton of fun and a great activity for the whole family, it could prove to be dangerous, even deadly.