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    Manure can be a valuable fertilizer if you store and use it correctly on your farm. But just how valuable? A recent University of Kentucky research project studied 10 cattle in a confined area for 200 days.

    In that time period, the animals created an estimated 62 tons of manure. When compared to fertilizer prices the nutrient value of the manure was worth more than $2,100.

    So maybe it’s better to focus on the value rather than seeing manure management as a time-consuming hassle.


    Genetically engineered foods have been available to consumers since the mid- to late-1990s. In fact, most of us have eaten food that contains ingredients from GMO crops without even knowing it.

    So how do you know which foods contain a genetically modified crop as an ingredient?

    Well, that’s not so easy.


    “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

    — Leo Tolstoy

    A few weeks back, in a weekly message to all staff, I shared some thoughts about change. This week I would like to begin to share that message with you.

    Change is a difficult thing to accept at times, yet when you take time to think of it we are in a constant state of change from birth. It is something we should have mastered by now but most of us continue to struggle with change.

  • Editor’s note: Nancy Kennedy has been writing an annual psalm of thanksgiving since 1999 when she first started writing her column.

    Dear God,

    It’s that time of year when I sit down to compose my annual psalm of thanksgiving. This will be my 16th year of making public my thanks and gratitude to you for yet another year of your faithfulness to me.

    This past year has been difficult in so many ways. At times I’ve felt like a dog’s chew toy, eaten up and slobbered on. I’ve felt pulled and pushed, stretched and torn.


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    Saturday, Nov. 28

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