Today's Features

  • July 31, 1986 (30 Years Ago)
    Trimble County farmers were generous in their contribution to South Carolina farmers by getting involved in “Operation Haylift.” The drought-stricken southeastern part of the nation has already suffered crop and livestock losses estimated at more than $1 billion. Some sections have been rocked by a yearlong drought and excessive heat, resulting in 48 deaths due to the excessive heat. Trimble County farmers have pledged to send 1,500 square bales of hay for the relief effort.

  • Rand Paul for Senate 2016 has announced Kathi Proulx as the campaign’s County Chair for Trimble County.
    Proulx was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2008. She was the Vice Chair of the Trimble County GOP until her husband passed. Now she has assumed his mantle and is the GOP Chair of Trimble County. Kathi is also a small business owner and appreciates Rand Paul’s efforts to limit government so she can succeed.

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    The Bedford Rotary Club devoted the July 19 meeting to a celebration of the new Rotary year with incoming president Susan Smithson. Many of their weekly meetings can be quiet events focusing on discussions, work topics and educational presentations. This one we just lightened up a lot with music and socializing with members and “Friends of Rotary.”  

  • Thurs.-Sat., July 28-30
    Milton United Methodist Church will host Vacation Bible School, beginning tonight and continuing through Saturday (July 28-30). The sessions will be from 6:00-8:30 p.m., tonight and tomorrow night, and from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday with a program and cookout to follow. There will be Bible lessons, games, music and snacks. Come join us!
    Thursday, July 28

  • A special called meeting of the Trimble County Extension District Board will be held, Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at the Trimble County Cooperative Extension Service office.
    The purpose of the special called meeting is to approve a resolution to authorize Jamae Bray Pyles as signer at the closing of the sale of property located at 1152 Hwy 42 W, Bedford, KY.

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    Kelly Nichols and her husband Randy moved to Trimble County from Fillmore, Indiana, after they bought a small farm with house and tobacco barn in August, 2014 from Dorothy Wentworth at 504 Mt. Carmel Road. They labeled their farm the “Lazy Day Farm,” and following extensive renovations on the old barn, are now hosting weddings and other events.

  • This July 4th my family and I visited a nearby water park. The day was beautiful and the park was full. Dear Old Father Time, Bless his soul, has seen to it that roller coasters are no longer conducive to my optimum gastric stability. In short, my stomach will throw all engines into reverse and I will ruin the lunch plans for my fellow merry makers. Since my laptop causes motion sickness, imagine what a high-speed amusement projectile will cause. I now content myself with bumper cars, cars-on-a-track, and any kiddy ride on which I can stow away.

  • Salsas are usually mixtures of high acid foods, such as tomatoes and/or fruit, with low acid foods, such as onions and peppers. With the addition of lemon juice, citric acid, or vinegar in the right proportion, salsa becomes a high acid food and can be safely processed in a boiling water canner. However, only research-based recipes should be used. Other salsa recipes, found on the internet, in published books, or from grandma’s recipe stash, should not be home canned unless they have been properly tested for safety. Enjoy those salsas fresh, or frozen for longer storage.

  • Summer months are the harvest season for blueberries and blackberries, both of which have the potential to grow very well in Kentucky. Harvest time for blueberries, which are native to North America, is from early June through early August. Blackberry harvest is from mid-June to early October. These delicious fruits offer several health benefits, and they capture the essence of summer in their sweetness.