Today's Features

  • As it sometimes happens, something I wrote in a column prompted a reader to email me with her concerns.

    This reader was concerned about the way I talk about sin and that I often call myself a sinner.

    She wrote, “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re a lovely person and you shouldn’t always put yourself down. You’re a child of God and you should hold your head high.”

  • Gardens are beginning to bear the fruits of your labor. Soon, it will be time to start thinking about preserving some of that excess produce for winter months. Safety is of utmost importance for those of us preserving food because improperly home canned food can lead to foodborne illness.

  • The portal to the cat dimension remains open. Once again the mysterious, exasperating force, in its questionable generosity, elected to present me with six brand new kittens.

    The troupe was deposited under our back porch. Can’t help but be delighted when I discover a cat to rescue from a life of misery. However, I have the decency to keep this to myself when I notice the despair etched onto my husband’s face. He knows the level of chaos that erupts upon the arrival of toddler cats. He knows that all he can do is hunker down.

  • BY STEVE MIRACLE | Superintendent of Trimble County Schools

    Dear Readers,

    Trimble County Public Schools had the benefit to form a partnership with an organization called Saddleback East. This organization is a group of business owners in the region, some in Trimble County, who love to ride and race dirt bikes. Saddleback East, while made up mostly of people from outside the community, owns 700 acres of land in Trimble County where they ride and race regularly. Saddleback East initially sought the partnership we have formed out.

  • This past week I met with some members and the pastor of a local church that had been rocked by scandal recently.

    A church employee had stolen a lot of money from them, robbing them not only of their funds, but also of their trust.

    And as what often happens when a church faces a scandal, people pointed fingers and assigned blame.

    Why didn’t you know about this? How could you let this happen? You should’ve seen it coming.

  • Bedford Christian VBS

    Bedford Christian Church will have its Vacation Bible School from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 28, and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, July 29. For more information, call 502-255-4413 or 641-757-1362.

    Bedford Baptist picnic, talent show

  • EKU announces spring 2018 graduates

    Eastern Kentucky University recognized 1,998 graduates at the conclusion of the Spring 2018 semester.

    The graduates were honored at separate academic college commencement ceremonies May 11-12.

    Local EKU graduates include: Ryan Scott Cameron of Bedford, a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice; Nicholas Alexander Graves, a Bachelor of Science degree in network security and electronics; and Allie Joanne Simmons of Bedford, an Associate of Arts degree in general studies.

  • The other day while listening to radio, I heard a song by Country Legend, George Jones. It was one of his last songs recorded, titled “Choices.”

  • We have all heard the age-old question, “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

  • This morning as I write this I’m at home because I re-hurt my knee as I was walking out the door.

    It will be OK, but I decided to work from home today as a precaution, ice my knee, sit with it elevated, not put pressure on it.

    The ice is comforting and cool and my laptop fits perfectly on my lap.

    Thank God for small things!

    The other day my great-niece Leah, 7, sent me a text to tell me she loves me. Leah, as little as she is, has a huge heart.