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  • BY STEVE MIRACLE | Superintendent of Trimble County Schools

    Recently, the Kentucky Department of Education released accountability scores for each public K-12 school in Kentucky. We wanted to take the opportunity to share some details and a snapshot of our achievement from the 2017-2018 school year.

  • In his book, Soul Detox, Pastor Craig Groeschel explains, “What you fear most reveals what you value most.” Further he states, “What you fear most reveals where you trust God least.”

    In these uncertain times we need a different perspective about worry. There are so many things we worry about: Money. Jobs. Marriage and relationships. Our health. Our kids. The future. Sometimes we worry when there seems to be nothing to worry about. We worry while waiting for something bad to happen.

  • Recently, I heard about a young dad named Dillon Moore and a Texas dentist, Dr. Kenny Wilstead.

    About two years ago, Wilstead randomly came across Moore on Facebook and noticed that he wasn’t smiling in any of his photos and offered to fix his teeth, if that was the reason he didn’t smile.

    Moore replied that he couldn’t take off work, and that was that.

  • Tragedy struck over this past weekend. Thankfully no people or animals were involved. The carpet cleaner burned up. I was attempting to rescue the carpets from the damage wrought by humans, cats and dogs; this chore was way overdue. Overdue to the point I lived in perpetual dread of having anybody coming to the house. When the unexpected person arrived I always told them, “Don’t look at the place.” A plea I learned from my mother.

  • Foodborne illnesses and recalls are constantly in the news. Every year, 48 million Americans get sick from eating contaminated food. While you cannot completely prevent food-borne illnesses from happening, you can reduce your risks by practicing good food safety at home.

  • Last week I met with Carla, a young woman who has an amazing story of how God is using her.

    But first, she had to go through a time of incredible pain and darkness. Of course, much of her darkness was the resulting consequences of her own bad choices. Still, those consequences were the very ones she needed to suffer to become the usable vessel she is today.

    I’ve heard many pastors use Oswald Chambers’ quote: “Before God can use a (person) greatly, he must wound him deeply.”

  • You may hear this phrase as soon as your kids walk in the door after school or right before bedtime: “I’m hungry.” Many times, this phrase means your kid wants a snack. Snacking is a good way to stave off cravings until the next meal. If done correctly, it can even help with weight management.

  • My household and technology have conspired to complicate time keeping in an astounding fashion.

  • The Trimble County Historical Society was formed in 1977. As the founding members began researching those who settled here they had to reach out to other counties to get the beginnings. The members of societies in other counties came together and decided to have an annual picnic to bond with one another.

  • Dear readers,

    I would like to share some very good news with you about the school district this week. The first item of good news is that Trimble County Public Schools, for the second year consecutively, has a balanced budget. It was a struggle to get there as we went through the legislative session in the spring and had more than $300,000 cut from our state revenue. Once again, however, the consolidation of our middle and high school buildings back in 2016 has been extremely helpful in allowing us to efficiently use our resources over the past two years.