• Meeting equine winter nutrition needs

    Winter is on the way. Take time now to think about what your horses will need to thrive during the colder months. We’re lucky our horses don’t have to deal with temperatures that consistently dip into the negative digits. However, do you consider your horse’s nutritional needs and how they change even with mild Kentucky winters? Here are some ideas to consider when feeding your horses this winter.

  • Entertaining the healthy way

    We all enjoy getting together with friends and family for parties and potlucks. These gatherings sometimes offer few healthy choices and may tempt you to overeat. Set yourself up to make healthy choices with these tips:

    Plan for colorful plates. Create a sign-up sheet for your party with categories for dishes from each food group so you have a variety of healthy options.

    Sip up some flavor. Boost flavor in water or unsweetened iced tea with mint leaves, lemons or frozen fruit. Skip sugary drinks like soda, punch and lemonade.

  • Reducing risks of foodborne illness

    Foodborne illnesses and recalls are constantly in the news. Every year, 48 million Americans get sick from eating contaminated food. While you cannot completely prevent food-borne illnesses from happening, you can reduce your risks by practicing good food safety at home.

  • Teaching kids how to snack

    You may hear this phrase as soon as your kids walk in the door after school or right before bedtime: “I’m hungry.” Many times, this phrase means your kid wants a snack. Snacking is a good way to stave off cravings until the next meal. If done correctly, it can even help with weight management.

  • Asian long-horned ticks keep popping up across US

    Asian long-horned ticks are small, reddish brown ticks with no distinctive markings to aid in quick recognition. Unfed adults are smaller (3 to 4 mm long) than the other hard ticks we commonly encounter.

  • There's no time like now to embrace the present

    We are all overwhelmed these days. We are focused on what happened yesterday and what is going to happen tomorrow. We often forget to stop and focus on the present moment we are in. When we try to focus on the present we feel inspired and happy. It is not an easy journey. Here are some ideas to move forward along this path.

  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away

    Everyone has heard, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While there is no actual scientific evidence to support this saying, there is evidence that apples are a healthy snack.

  • Reducing stress through mindfulness

    Fingers holding cell phones. Constant updates via social media. 24-7 news alerts. Demands from work and home help create a world that is full of noise, chaos and all kinds of stressors that bombard us each day. Sometimes, we can get caught up in these stressors or events and allow them to take control over our lives and reduce our quality of life. Next time you are faced with a particularly stressful encounter or situation, try using mindfulness to reduce your stress and return your focus to what is important to you.

  • Learning more about backyard stream care

    Many urban homeowners are not sure what to do about the stream in their backyard. Who owns it? How can I take care of it? What plants are good for my streambanks?

    These common questions lead to some confusing answers. This website is designed to help homeowners to backyard streams appreciate this resource, protect personal property, and improve water quality and habitat. https://www.uky.edu/bae/backyardstreams

  • Helping children with healthy sleep habits

    The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey in 2014 among families in the United States.

    They wanted to get a better picture of sleep patterns in families with at least one school-aged child. Parents were asked to rate the importance of sleep for their family’s health. They were also asked about their children’s sleep habits. Habits included things like sleep total, quality, bedtime rules, routines and sleep issues.