• Dealing with addictions during the holidays

    The holidays can be a stressful time as we rush from place to place buying gifts, attending parties and preparing food. But for families dealing with addiction, the holidays can present a unique set of challenges.

    You have probably heard that addiction doesn’t discriminate. In fact, at least 25 percent of the population has a close relative who has a substance use disorder, and one in five Americans personally know someone who died from opioid addiction.

  • Gifts to help family, friends eat healthy

    Having a hard time finding gifts for friends and family and staying on budget? Making your own healthy gifts can be both an affordable and fun way to give friends and family gifts, while also encouraging them to eat healthy. Here are some great gift ideas for any occasion:

    Mason jar gifts:

  • Importance of cleaning, disinfecting horse stalls

    Cleaning and disinfecting stalls is critically important for biosecurity, especially in controlling disease outbreaks. However, much misinformation exists.

    The average 1,000-pound horse produces 50 pounds of manure and urine per day. Add on to that other body fluids that potentially contain pathogens (nasal discharges, abscess material, blood, etc.) and a significant organic load exists in the average horse stall. Any surface that needs to be disinfected (treated with chemicals in order to kill pathogens) must be cleaned of dirt and organic material first.

  • Managing high blood sugar during the holidays

    It can be overwhelming when thinking about holiday foods and managing blood sugar. Some people may even feel isolated when they sacrifice sweets and holiday drinks, when everyone else seems to be indulging. Luckily, planning ahead and following these tips may help keep your blood sugar steady and within the normal range, allowing you to participate in the holiday fun.

  • Strengthening family relationships during the holiday season

    There is no better time to strengthen the most important relationships in your life than the holiday season. Holidays can be very busy and stressful, but they can also be opportunities to celebrate life with the people you love. Here are some ideas for strengthening family relationships during the holidays.

  • Phomopsis seed decay and purple seed stain prevalent in harvested soybeans

    Although soybean yields have been pretty good this year, the seed quality of harvested soybeans has not been great in some areas of the state. 

    Seed diseases have been prevalent in areas that have received a lot of rain since harvest season began.  Phomopsis seed decay (usually caused by Diaporthe longicolla, formerly known as Phomopsis longicolla) and purple seed stain (caused by Cercospora kikuchii and Cercospora flagellaris) are the two main culprits of poor quality seed.

  • There's still time left to build a holiday budget

    The holidays are quickly approaching. While holidays give people time to spend with loved ones, all the extra purchases for gifts, food and decorations can quickly escalate. If you have not been saving all year, you might be starting to feel the financial pinch that can come with the season.

  • Teaching the importance of compassion

    The holiday season is a time for giving thanks and giving back. Now is the perfect time of year to teach children the importance of community service and to nurture the spirit of giving.

    Start by choosing a charity in your own community. Talk to youth about the kinds of charities they would like to support.

  • Making Halloween safe and sweet (without using too much sugar!)

    Halloween is just around the corner and children will be transformed into princesses, cowboys, superheroes and an assortment of other characters. Doorbells will ring and sweet voices will yell, “trick or treat,” as tossed candy echoes off plastic pumpkins. While Halloween is a joyous occasion for most children, it can be a point of stress for parents trying to control the amount of sugar and candy their child consumes.

  • Meeting equine winter nutrition needs

    Winter is on the way. Take time now to think about what your horses will need to thrive during the colder months. We’re lucky our horses don’t have to deal with temperatures that consistently dip into the negative digits. However, do you consider your horse’s nutritional needs and how they change even with mild Kentucky winters? Here are some ideas to consider when feeding your horses this winter.