• Share the benefits of the great outdoors with youth

    Spring and its warmer weather is just around the corner. Now is the time to start getting your young people outdoors and letting them experience Mother Nature as she awakes from her winter slumber.

    Youth can receive numerous benefits from getting outdoors and into nature. Sunlight exposure can help reduce nearsightedness and increase vitamin D levels. Playing outdoors also increases young people’s physical activity which helps reduce their risk for becoming overweight or obese.

  • Eating healthy on the go

    In our busy lives, it is often hard to find healthy things to eat while going through a restaurant drive-through, running into a convenience store, or finding a vending machine. Convenience is often prioritized over health but eating healthfully doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, it can be quite easy. Here are some helpful tips for you and your family to eat healthy on the go.

    Planning ahead and packing foods for your busiest days can be the most helpful. Reach for fresh vegetables that can be cut up and portioned into plastic baggies.

  • Eight reasons to test your soil

    Soil testing can tell you many things about your soil that can help you make informed decisions about fertilizer application, site selection for crops and so much more. It is an essential part of a successful agriculture or horticulture enterprise. Home gardens and lawns can also greatly benefit from soil testing.

    With the wet pattern Kentucky has been in over the past year, soil testing is paramount to having a quality hay supply for next winter.

  • Wise ways to use your tax refund

    It’s that time of year when we get excited about our tax refunds. By responsibly using this one-time infusion of cash, you can improve your financial standing.

  • Preparing for flash floods in Kentucky

    Floods are an inevitable part of life along rivers and low-lying areas in Kentucky.

    Flash floods occur when heavy rains cause raging torrents that rip through streambeds, surge over stream banks and sweep away everything in their paths.

    When there is a possibility rains might produce a flash flood in an area, a flash flood watch is issued. This alerts you to prepare to evacuate and to keep informed in case a flash flood warning is issued.

  • Prebiotics vs. Probiotics

    Prebiotics and probiotics have become increasingly popular over the years, but what are they, and how are they related? Although they work together for sustaining gut health, they are very different.

    Probiotics are a type of bacteria that naturally occur in your body and help the intestines in the digestion of food. You can take probiotics in a supplement form to help your gut health. Good sources of probiotic foods are usually fermented to some degree. Some examples are yogurt, pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

  • The essentials on essential oils

    By now, you’ve likely heard about essential oils, but may not be familiar with their benefits and risks. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils derived from plants. While used for centuries, their popularity has soared, especially among individuals looking for natural healing options.

  • Cattle taking a hit from wettest year on record

    2018 was Kentucky’s wettest year on record and the New Year seems to be more of the same. This means most livestock producers are dealing with less than ideal conditions, and cattle are showing signs of stress.

    “It is important to understand this winter has been relatively easy temperature-wise but difficult for cattle in Kentucky,” said Michelle Arnold, ruminant extension veterinarian for the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “Cows of all ages are losing weight now at levels typically seen in late winter.”

  • Making healthy, regular family meals a tradition

    Most of us know that eating family meals together at home is good for families.

  • Staying safe while slow cooking

    Few things are better than coming home at the end of the day to a freshly prepared meal. Slow cookers can help us achieve that dream.

    While slow cookers may be synonymous with winter, you can use them any time of the year to safely prepare foods. In fact, using a slow cooker during the summer will help keep your home a little cooler as it keeps you from using a hot oven to prepare dinner.