• Eight tips to get your garden growing

    Springtime in Kentucky is a great time to get outside and enjoy the home garden. Every aspiring gardener should do a few things to have a successful season.

    Plan your garden on paper before you begin. Think about the things you want to grow and when they will be ready to harvest. Draw it out on paper so you can get a visual of what the garden might look like at planting and harvesting times.

    Select a good gardening site. You need to plan for a site that is in full sun, relatively level, well-drained, close to a water source and dries quickly from morning dew.

  • Perkins announces departure from extension office

    Every person goes through changes in life and I am no different.

    An opportunity has come to my family and we are moving back to Tennessee. I have been offered a Farm Manager position that I could not refuse. Most people knew how much I missed running cows on a daily basis and this is a great opportunity to go back to doing that. The owners are all in and have made our family part of theirs, however, change is hard and leaving friends is even harder.

  • Ketogenic diet a low-carb solution for weight loss

    The ketogenic diet is a trendy diet that promises dramatic weight loss along with other, less obvious, health benefits. The keto diet is defined as a very low-carb, high-fat diet that drastically reduces the amount of carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fats.

  • Staying safe during springtime's volatile weather

    Even after a relatively mild winter, most Kentuckians welcome the transition into spring. Still, changeable weather is one of the harbingers of the season, and often it comes in the form of high winds and blustery conditions. Even though tornadoes can occur in any season, they are most common in spring, along with downbursts and windstorms.

  • When to use glass or metal baking dishes?

    When choosing a pan to bake your food, the material of the pan itself makes a difference in the end product of your recipe. The material of the pan reacts with the ingredients used in the dish which may be why certain dishes you bake have unexpected outcomes.

    When to use

    glass bakeware

  • Tips for helping prevent mold and removing it

    Few things are as concerning as finding or smelling mold in your residence. For some people, mold can trigger an allergic reaction and lead to respiratory problems, especially for those with compromised immune systems. For you to have a healthiest home possible, it’s important for you to prevent mold and promptly control it if it appears.

  • Share the benefits of the great outdoors with youth

    Spring and its warmer weather is just around the corner. Now is the time to start getting your young people outdoors and letting them experience Mother Nature as she awakes from her winter slumber.

    Youth can receive numerous benefits from getting outdoors and into nature. Sunlight exposure can help reduce nearsightedness and increase vitamin D levels. Playing outdoors also increases young people’s physical activity which helps reduce their risk for becoming overweight or obese.

  • Eating healthy on the go

    In our busy lives, it is often hard to find healthy things to eat while going through a restaurant drive-through, running into a convenience store, or finding a vending machine. Convenience is often prioritized over health but eating healthfully doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, it can be quite easy. Here are some helpful tips for you and your family to eat healthy on the go.

    Planning ahead and packing foods for your busiest days can be the most helpful. Reach for fresh vegetables that can be cut up and portioned into plastic baggies.

  • Eight reasons to test your soil

    Soil testing can tell you many things about your soil that can help you make informed decisions about fertilizer application, site selection for crops and so much more. It is an essential part of a successful agriculture or horticulture enterprise. Home gardens and lawns can also greatly benefit from soil testing.

    With the wet pattern Kentucky has been in over the past year, soil testing is paramount to having a quality hay supply for next winter.

  • Wise ways to use your tax refund

    It’s that time of year when we get excited about our tax refunds. By responsibly using this one-time infusion of cash, you can improve your financial standing.