• Back to school for youth

    Summertime is ending, which can be sad, but it comes with the excitement of going back to school. It is okay if you feel nervous or scared for the first day of school. Many kids feel nervous about going to a new classroom or new school with new teachers and new friends.

    However, after you start your new school routine, those worries will go away. If those feelings do not stop, talk to your mom, dad, teacher, or school counselor.

  • Why Vitamin D deficiency is still a concern, even in summertime

    Undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency is common. Despite the abundant sources that are available or fortified with the vitamin, individuals are still falling short. Your Vitamin D level is not only a predictor for bone health, but it can be a predictor for cancer risk and other chronic diseases.

  • Practices for safe canning

    Safety is of utmost importance when preserving food because improperly home-canned food can lead to foodborne illness. 

    Bacteria, yeasts and molds can grow quickly on fresh fruits and vegetables.  Oxygen and enzymes that can cause food to spoil are found all over and inside produce. Safe home-canning methods help prevent the growth of these harmful bacteria, yeast and molds; remove excess oxygen from the food; destroy spoilage enzymes; and allow for year-round enjoyment of the foods from your garden.   

  • Have fun while being safe at the pool

    When the summer heat is making you sweat, hitting the pool is a great way to keep the family cool. While swimming is a ton of fun and a great activity for the whole family, it could prove to be dangerous, even deadly.

  • Simple strategies to aid with controlling mosquitoes

    Mosquitos can ruin outdoor activities in the warmer months. It may seem like a never-ending battle when you’re fighting to control the pesky insects. With mosquito-borne diseases becoming more prevalent, it’s even more important to know how to take control of these pests around your home. Learning to do a few simple things could help protect you from more than the itchiness of a mosquito bite.

  • The importance of properly cleaning the backyard grill

    Many of us enjoy the wonderful taste of food cooked on a grill, but cleaning the grill—not so much. Regular grill cleaning is important to help extend the life of your grill and for food safety purposes. Plus, it makes your food taste better.

    The easiest way to remember to clean your grill is to do so immediately after using it. This way, you don’t forget about it, and you are not faced with a greasy, caked-on mess the next time you go to grill.

  • Rethinking discipline as instruction, not punishment

    Many times, parents equate disciplining their children with punishment. But there is a completely different way to think about discipline and still raise productive, respectful adults who are successful members of society.

    If you get to the root of the word, discipline actually means to teach or give instruction to someone. So if you think about disciplining your children as providing constructive teaching or instruction, then you can build a level of respect while still strengthening your bond with them. 

  • Cooking fruit and vegetables on the backyard grill

    Grills are versatile for preparing a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables. Grilling fruits and vegetables has many benefits. You can add new flavors to some of your favorite dishes, increase your family’s fruit and vegetable intake, and they typically take 10 minutes or less to cook. This summer, enjoy some of your favorite healthy dishes fresh from the grill.

  • Five reasons to shop at farmers markets this year

    Shopping at the farmers market is an excellent way to invest in your community. During the late spring and summer months, it is a great place to find fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other local goods. Here are the top five reasons to shop at your market this year.

    Supporting local farmers and the economy.

    This gives farmers a better return on their produce. It also directly supports the local economy because farmers are selling straight to you with no middleman.

    Freshly picked options.

  • Things to consider if you want to produce your own eggs

    Backyard chicken flocks are popular in all areas of Kentucky. If you want to have a successful flock and produce your own eggs, preparation and education are essential.

    Not everyone is suited for keeping a poultry flock. Make sure you check that your local city and county ordinances allow backyard flocks. Some ordinances require a minimum amount of land, and some subdivisions even have their own rules.