Youth Tackle Raiders claim league championship

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The Trimble County Youth Tackle Football League ended the season in a bittersweet fashion.

The Junior Varsity Raiders beat the Campbellsburg Bengals 19-12 on Saturday to earn the right to play Sunday in the championship game against the Eminence Warriors 20-13. The game was well contested between the Raiders and the Warriors, but it would be the Warriors to come up with the victory in overtime.

The Varsity Raiders who have been plagued for years of losing seasons and seasons without a victory finished strong this year under Head Coach Rob Stevens. For the first time in the history of the youth league the Varsity Raiders are lovable losers no more.  Stevens, an offensive guru of sorts, managed his team of offensive weapons while Defensive Coordinator Russ Crawford coached the defense in a way that did not allow for any of their opponents a ghost of a chance all season and this weekend was no different. They were able to play first, second, and third string teams on Saturday as they demolished the Eastern Colts 40-0. On Sunday they shattered the New Castle Chiefs hopes of a win before half-time as they went on to finish the game with a score of 39-0.

Raising the championship trophy was a great pay day for the young Raiders who worked their tails off this year to put together a perfect undefeated season.

The youth league program continues to grow and get support from fans and family members around Trimble County. League President Daniel Cull, also the Head Coach of the Junior Varsity squad, has presided in a fashion that has people excited to get involved in the program. He leads the group consisting of three teams in a firm, fair, and consistent manner with a competitive spirit that spreads throughout the league and has everyone thrilled to be involved in the action. Sign-ups for the 2013 season will begin in early July.  Players can enter the league as young as 5 years old and play through 6th grade.