Seniors appreciative of GSP experience

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Special to The Trimble Banner

While most teenagers were swimming, hanging out with friends, and vacationing during the summer of 2012, a select group of students were furthering their education and striving for excellence.

In the Governor’s Scholars program, top-performing students attend five weeks of college in the summer between their junior and senior year. It is a difficult task to be chosen for this program; they must complete a variety of tasks and apply a great deal of effort. This year Trimble County High School was honored to have four students selected.

These students did not venture to their program as a group from TCHS, instead they chose three different colleges and universities. Rob Brooks attended Bellarmine University, Jessica Ball attended Centre College,  and Colyn and Reese True attended Murray State University. Unanimously, the students expressed gratefulness for such a superb opportunity.

“This experience had a significant impact on my senior year,” Colyn True said. She continued to explain how the program prepared her for college life with schedules, guidelines, dorm life and much more. “GSP is priceless. There are no words to describe the experience in a way that I could do it justice. It taught me so much about myself and about my peers. I realized how blessed I am, looking back to have had this opportunity.”

Rob Brooks expressed a similar sentiment. “GSP gives a college feel that I look forward to everyday of my senior year,” he said. “This was probably the most beneficial way I could have spent five weeks of my summer. I loved everything about GSP. We went by the motto of being a ‘community.’ However, by the end of the summer it was more of a family. The friendships I made and connections were priceless.”

“At first I was scared, nervous, almost afraid,” Jessica Ball said. “Then, I met some of the most amazing people in the Commonwealth. My experience this summer was completely indescribable. I could go on and on about the wonderful things I learned and experienced. But there is just no way to put into words how terrific GSP truly is.”

On Dec. 18, these students were reunited with their peers at a reunion at the University of Kentucky. At the beginning of summer they were nervous, fearful, and surrounded by strangers, but ended with countless new friends, experiences, and memories to never be forgotten.