Looking Back with Hilda Parrish – Dec. 29, 2010

50 years ago –

Jan. 5, 1961

New Year wishes from the Trimble Democrat: If all our wishes for you come true, you’ll rate 1961 as the most satisfying year of your life. May you enjoy the best of health and much happiness ... make solid progress in the direction of achieving your most cherished ambitions, from one end of the year to the other.
Noel B. Wiley was elected to serve as Master of Bedford Masons for the ensuing year. James Tandy is the Master of Milton Masons for the year 1961.
Harry Wood makes his announcement to serve the people of Oldham and Trimble counties as their representative in the Kentucky Legislature.
Shirley Rogers is the bride of Earl A. Detmer; Cathy Clairment to Jimmie Robbins.
Deaths: Mrs. Cecil Mullikin, 82, Milton; George Harmon, 73, Monitor; John C. Johnson, 80, north Trimble area; Otis Smith, 80, Poplar Ridge; Timothy Green, 12 week old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Green, Milton.

70 years ago –

Jan. 2, 1941

Rumors which have been circulating in the county relative to the purchase by the government of about one-third of the land in Trimble for an ordinance proving ground cannot be confirmed. In a phone call to Commissioner J. Lyter Donaldson, by this newspaper on Wednesday of this week, an attempt was made to confirm or disprove the rumor. In the course of the conservation, Mr. Donaldson said that it was his belief that the Government had no intention of grabbing any land in this county as it was highly impractical to locate three military objectives in such close proximity. Mr. Donaldson further stated that there was no indication that the Federal Government intended to construct another bridge across the Ohio at Madison or to convert the Bedford-Milton road into a military highway. The only military construction thus far that he knew anything about which would effect this area was the widening of US 42.
Benjamin J. Butler, Milton, son of Mark C. Butler Sr., and a senior in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, has been appointed a first lieutenant in the university’s ROTC regiment by Lt. Col. Howard Donnelly, commandant.
Weddings: Opal Wheeler to Cleon Kendall; Charlotte Wingham to Virgil Kendall; Margaret Proctor to C.S. Abbott; Thelma Lucille Spillman to Bruce Owen Hutcherson; Lorene Long to James Tandy; Dorlene Clare Rise to the Rev. Joseph Bruce Benson.
Deaths: Mrs. Carrie Hardin Logan Hood, 77,Bedford; Shirley Miller, 52, Little Kentucky River; Howard D. Wallace, 34, Mt. Tabor; Mrs. Charles Luckett Tandy; 73, Milton.

80 Years Ago –

Jan. 1, 1931

The Trimble County High School Blue Demons dropped a hard game Friday night, Dec. 19, to the swift Patriot, Ind., basketball team. The contest was exciting to the finish, as first one team and then the other fought its way to the top.
The Demons performed the same as they had in the last four games – they kept the ball in their possession most of the time and worked it through the opposition time after time, only to fall down on attempts to hit the goal. The final score was Patriot 22, TCHS 19.
Weddings: Virginia Curran to James R. Gregg Jr.; Orena Brown to Don Tandy; Allie Callis Jackson to Wilbur Gatewood; Virginia Welch to Harvey Hankins; Ruby Staples to Herbert Andrew; Viola Grace Kennett to Noble Rand Rowlett; Irene Hamilton to Harold Edgar Wright; Clara Estella simpson to Ernest A. Rutherford.
Deaths: Sadie Lee Barrickman, 32, Wise’s Landing; Herman Tague, 43, formerly of Bedford, died for injuries in an automobile accident at Indianapolis, Nannie Bebout, near Lexington, formerly of Trimble county; Wade H. Calvert, 80, Indianapolis, formerly of Trimble County; Tobe Englin, 70, Madison; George P. McKinney, 79, Milton.

Hilda Parrish is the office manager for The Trimble Banner and is a long-time Bedford resident.