Looking Back with Hilda Parrish – Dec. 22, 2010

50 years ago –
Dec. 22, 1960 Winter weather had its coming out party a little early this year, coming in on the eve of the official debut of winter. Snow, ice and all the hazards that add up for a real winter were unleashed Tuesday evening. Drifts were heavy on the side roads and school children couldn’t get back for gift giving on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, it commenced to rain and drenched the area for a while, and then snowflakes began to fall as dusk closed in. Swirling winds went on a binge and flurries went into a heavier fall, until blizzard proportions were reached at time. In the early hours of Tuesday evening there was a boom in the wrecker business, as cars were in ditches all over the area. Roads were slicker than they had ever been, at least in the memories of those not used to wintertime. Wednesday, the sun was shining beautiful and winter was blowing a chilly breath over the landscape of Kentuckiana. Gary Wright is on the winning UK debate team, which recently won the debating tournament held at the University of Illinois, Chicago campus. Wrapping it up for the Christmas Holidays, the Trimble Raiders gave their fans something to cheer about Tuesday night, as they ran rough-shod over the Pleasureville Bulldogs, winning 76-50. The Raiders will not see action again until Jan. 6. Deaths: James “Jake” Fewell, 58, Campbellsburg; Mrs. Edrena Gosman, 58, Butlerville, a former Trimble County resident. 70 years ago – 
Dec. 19, 1940 Milton and Trimble county suffered an irreparable loss this week when the death angel wrote “30” on the long and useful career of Chas. A. Barclay, editor, funeral director, banker and counselor general in his community for more than a half-century. Death came at about three o’clock Sunday afternoon, December 15 and funeral services were conducted at the residence Tuesday afternoon by the Rev. Charles Phipps, pastor of the Mount Byrd and Milton Christian churches; assisted by the Rev. J. Bruce Benson, pastor of the Milton Baptist Church; and the Rev. O.S. Gardner, pastor of the Milton Methodist church. Mr. Barclay was 70 years of age, born on a farm in the Fisher Ridge neighborhood, and at the age of seven he moved to Milton, where all his remaining years he lived an exemplary life, complete with successful business pursuits and community-building civic, religious and social service. On March 2, 1896, he was married to Miss Yululee Smith of Carrollton, his constant companion and faithful helpmate, who survives. 80 years ago –
Dec. 18, 1930 Following a long-established custom, no paper will be issued from this office, next week. The office force, as usual, will take vacation to spend at least the closing week of the year at their own disposal. There is no industry but what has suffered more or less from the business depression and the drought during the year now drawing to a close. While this alone has its effect on the printing industry, The Trimble Democrat also had the misfortune on July 20 to lose its plant and practically all its equipment by fire. We have most of the equipment needed to do the typographical work in a room of 14x14 feet. The paper is being printed at Carrollton. With thanks in our heart for the loyal patronage that has been accorded us, and for the support of our newspaper friends at Carrollton, The Trimble Democrat appreciates fully and wholeheartedly the cooperation of the public which has supported it in many ways. So, wishing each and everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and desirous that only the best shall be the portion of you and yours, we bid you adieu until January 1, 1931. Dear Santa: Please bring me a large dump truck, some candy, nuts, oranges, apples and a pair of bedroom slippers. I also want a sled and a pair of overshoes and slippers. Please, dear Santa, bring me a little raincoat and hat as my mother works away from home and I have to stay with grandma, and going back and forth I will get wet when it rains. Bring me a gun and some caps. Please bring me some roman candles and shooting crackers. I will be a good boy and expect to hear from you soon. Chas. Edward Percell. Dear Santa Claus; will write and tell you what I want. I want a dump truck, drum, marbles, knife, money bank, little machine, gun, and don’t forget candies, fruits, and nuts. Santa, please don’t forget mudder and daddy. Little Jimmy Shepherd. Deaths: Harry D. Peak, 55, local merchant in Bedford; Mrs. Dorcas Greenwood, 72, East Bedford; Mr. D.M. Newby, Campbellsburg. Hilda Parrish is office manager for The Trimble Banner and a long-time Bedford resident.