50 years ago 

Dec. 1, 1960

Theft fever breaks out in county as reports come in that a sewing machine and some jewelry was taken for the Bill Barnes home in broad daylight in the Mt. Pleasant community and a portable television was taken from the Rand Hamilton’s who work during the week at Lyndon and had come home for the weekend, gasoline was taken from the Peck Pike area and also from a school bus. A truck stolen in Versailles, Ind. was abandoned Saturday night on the Peck hill, just a short distance from the Alvin Liter home, and an attempt was made to set it afire, according to a report from Sheriff Cliff Pyles.
Playing the best brand of ball they had played all season during the first eight minutes at Pleasureville Tuesday night, the Trimble Raiders relaxed that style in the second period and fell 70-65 to the Bulldogs. Allen Stark had 22 points in the game; Scatman Gosman was red hot in the first half and came out with 20 points. Other Raiders scoring were West 8, Perkinson 7, Snyder 6 and Oak 2.
Deaths: Miss Cora Rowlett, 90, Carrollton, the most beloved teacher in the history of Trimble County; Charles Scott, 73, Hickory Grove neighborhood.

70 years ago

Nov. 28, 1940

 A phenomenal rise in the receipts collected from toll on the Milton-Madison bridge during the first ten months of this year has caused the Highway Department to ask for bids on refunding bonds from the span. The bridge has shown a marked, though gradual monthly increase since it was taken over by the department for $915,000, late in November of 1937. In view of the $50 million powder plant development at Charleston, Ind., the peak of the increase has not been reached as yet.
Commissioner of Highways 
J. Lyter Donaldson, in making this announcement, went on to report that foreseeing a possible savings of some $40,000 on issues of refunding bonds, the Highway Department has set Friday of this week as the final date for receiving bids on the bonds at a lower interest rate. The bids will be opened at 10 a.m. in the offices of Commissioner Donaldson and if the expected economy could be effected it would be the equivalent of advancing the free date on the bridge six months. The bridge at Maysville is also considered in this refunding issue and should the savings on the bond be divided between the two spans, the free date on both spans would only be reduced by three months. With bonds amounting to $750,000 at 3 per cent interest outstanding against the Milton-Madison span, the proceeds from the sale of the refunding issues plus the money now available from the sinking fund would retire these bonds and reduce the outstanding indebtedness to $730,000, and the new issue bearing interest at a lowered rate. The first issue of the 3 per cent bonds mature Jan. 1, 1935, and are redeemable this January at par plus a premium of 2 per cent.   
Deaths: James Oscar Rowlett, 32, Madison, as a result of a taxicab-truck collision on state road 62.

80 years ago

Nov. 27, 1930

For the first time in the history of the city, Bedford now boosts a nicely surfaced main street, hard and wide enough to accommodate the traffic, which increases day by day. During the week tile has been laid on each side of the concrete paving on Main from Church Street to Spring Street. Some fifteen feet of crushed stone has been placed on each side of the concrete, which makes the street almost fifty feet wide.
The crushed stone at each side of the street is for head-in parking, as that makes more room for parking and easier backing to get your car out as do one can drive up and block you in. This wide space on each side will take care of many cars if it is properly used, and it is hoped that drivers will please remember the simple rule to “park head-in to the curb.”
Deaths: Ruby Ewing Dunn, 9, son of John and Dollie Dunn; Frederick Hamilton, 68, Carmel neighborhood.

Hilda Parrish is office manager at The Banner and a long-tie resident of Bedford. She is an avid historian and genealogist.