30 years ago –
Jan. 29, 1981

The Trimble County Extension Service District Board had its annual meeting Monday night at Cardinal Hills. Officers elected to serve until January 1982 were Neil Heilman, chairman; Jan Joyce, vice chairman; Ray Clem, secretary, and Kay Bishop, treasurer.
Trimble County varsity Raiders dropped a 69-66 decision to Henry County last Tuesday.
Deaths: Clara Mae Hamilton, 72, Milton; Bill Paul Paris, 43, Turners Station; Amanuel Furnish, 97, Madison, Ind.

50 years ago –
Feb. 2, 1961

After days of sub-zero weather, the temperature has risen to the point that ice on the Ohio River is breaking loose and water traffic is moving. Ice piled up at Markland dam was causing some concern as it was thought that a cofferdam was apt to be torn away by the grinding ice movement. A warming trend was alleviating that situation. The cold weather has caused several accidents, garages are doing a big business starting cars, coal yards are being depleted and oil furnaces and stoves were being overtaxed in the sub-zero weather we have had since Jan. 19.
Eleven new streetlights are being installed in the Milton area. The town already has 20 streetlights and the new type lights now being erected will provide a “great white way” for some distance along the highway in the new Milton area.
Allen Stark was injured late in the game with Henry Central when scampering for a ball. He fell to the floor and a Henry Central player fell on him in such a manner as to throw all of his weight on Stark’s neck. Stark was taken to Carrollton hospital where X-rays were to be made yesterday (Wednesday). To the secondary subject of winning or losing in basketball, the Raiders did remarkably well against Lincoln Institute on Tuesday night but lost, 74-62, and was downed by Henry, 54-51.
Deaths: Alvin Holsclaw, 63, Milton; Harry C. Sachleben, 50, Madison; Mrs. Montry Parks, 69, Lacie; Walton McClellan, 53, Bedford; George Collis, 69, Louisville.

70 years ago –
Feb. 6, 1941

The TCHS Big Blue Demons romped over the Crestwood delegation here Tuesday night by the lopsided score of 28-15. The past Saturday night, fans witnessed an exciting game, which went into overtime from which the Big Blues emerged with a one-point victory. The line-up for TCHS was H. Tingle, 17; Craig, 3; J. Tingle, 8; Spillman, 2; and Hayden, 5. In a game with Pleasureville away from home, the Demons scored again. This time winning by 31-25.

80 years ago –
Feb. 5, 1931

With the completion Saturday of the concrete floor in the new Trimble Democrat building, which has been constructed under the supervision of Frank C. Bell, the building reached the stage where it could be occupied, and Monday morning we began to move in.
Three or four weeks ago the chicken house of Mr. Wess Knight, who lives on Mr. J.F. Butler’s farm on the hilltop south of town, was broken into and several hens and fryers carried away. Mr. Knight bought a large, vicious Airdale dog, and chained him in the house containing the remaining fowls.
About midnight, the dog aroused the family and Mr. Knight hastily dressed and with a shotgun loaded slipped out the back door, but the intruder had undoubtedly “smelt a mouse” and beat it for parts unknown. But the midnight visitor had dropped something in his hurry to get away. Mr. Knight found a one-dollar bill left by the intruder and put it to good use. He purchased a license tag for the dog and intends to buy him a silver collar.

Deaths: Mrs. Emma Bell Spillman, 84, Patton’s Creek, Mrs. Elizabeth Frances Huff, 78, Pleasant Retreat neighborhood.

Hilda Parrish is office manager of The Trimble Banner. She is an avid historian and genealogist and a long-time Bedford resident.