Letter to the editor | Oct. 25, 2018

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Writer asks voters to select trustworthy candidates after zoning ordinance 1st reading

The first reading of this ordinance has just been passed by Trimble Co. Fiscal Court. Judge Jerry Powell, Magistrates David Scott and Don McCarty voted for it. I believe they have betrayed the majority of the people in Trimble Co. Fiscal Court is going to pass this ordinance and the people of Trimble Co. will suffer because of their action. They have a personal agenda and have deceived the people.

They will vote this into law by 12-31-18 and we will not know about it. Judge Powell, David Scott, their term ends on 12-31-18. What a way to end your term. With deception, lies, Don McCarty and no trust.

We must vote on Nov. 6 for new candidates for office for Judge Executive and Magistrates and others. They must be trustworthy with no deception.

Our decision to vote will shape the county for good or bad. Call Judge Powell, David Scott, Don McCarty, Kenny Green, Nolan Hamilton and new candidate’s ask how they feel about “zoning,” today, not tomorrow.

Vote Nov. 6, take charge your vote counts.

Thank you,

Larry O. Graves