Kentucky denies permit for coal ash landfill

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By Dave Taylor

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management notified LG&E Wednesday, March 20, of its preliminary decision to deny the utility’s application (Activity ID No. APE20110002) for a special waste landfill permit for a coal ash landfill in Trimble County.

Division of Waste Management Director Tony Hatton, in a letter to W. Michael Winkler, LG&E and KU Environmental Programs Manager, stated that the excavation or destruction of a cave on the proposed landfill site does not comply with requirements of the Cave Act in KRS 433.877(1).

LG&E had argued that Wentworth Cave, located on the 218-acre site proposed for the landfill, was a karst feature and not a cave and therefore the statute did not apply to the feature.

Hatton also stated in the letter that the denial will not be final until after a 30-day comment period. The Division of Waste Management will publish a Notice of Intent to Deny in the March 27 issue of The Trimble Banner.

Hatton also stated in the letter “a final decision by the Division to deny the permit application would not preclude the submission of a new application for a similar facility in an alternate location.

Citizens interested in learning more about this issue are invited to attend a public meeting on April 4th at 6 p.m. at the Trimble County Extension Office. This meeting is being held by the Trimble County Citizens for Energy Reform. For more information, email Sonia McElroy, mcelroyakers81645@hughes.net