Hotel group calls for opposition to tax hike

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Please take up the voice of Kentucky citizens to defeat another tax increase.

House Bill 368 is working through the Legislature. This bill will enable cities across the state to charge an additional three percent tax on restaurant sales. This is a fifty percent tax increase on restaurant meals. This is a sneak attack to raise taxes on every citizen in the Commonwealth.
These taxes will just be passed on to the citizens, and make every restaurant meal more expensive.

A restaurant tax has been permitted in 4th and 5th class cities to promote legitimate local tourist attractions. These revenues have provided a consistent source of revenue for that purpose. This legitimate use of these monies is important to the Commonwealth, because tourism is Kentucky’s 3rd largest industry and 2nd largest employer.

This is a sneak attack on Kentuckians. We encourage you to voice your opposition to this measure. The proposed tax fattens bureaucrats’ budgets at the expense of our citizens. We encourage you to contact your legislator in Frankfort and ask them to defeat HB 368. The message line is (800) 372-7181 or the website is www.lrc.ky.gov.

Keep your money in your pocket.

Billy Abner, President

Kentucky Hotel & Lodging Association