Fairness of violations questioned in Ghent

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By The Staff


As a citizen of the United States, I was under the impression that everyone was equal with the same rights and expectations to be treated the same as others. However, as a resident of Ghent, I have found that is not the truth.

I moved into the city about three years ago and the complaints started shortly thereafter. There are members of city council who are constantly looking for something to complain about here.

I believe I am being harassed by council and want it to stop. There is one member of city council who I believe is always taking pictures or watching my house to see if anything is wrong. It’s simply nit-picking.

According to city council, the latest problem is one that has been ongoing. I had a complaint more than a year ago that grass was growing over cars on my property. I did have two cars in my yard with grass growing under them, less than two inches tall. And I have proof from someone who works for the county.

Since that complaint, the city has not contacted me about anything.

There are ongoing problems in this town, but they’re not in my yard.

Sure, my yard gets messy because I have young children living here who play in the yard. At least they are not playing in the road or tearing up beloved city property.

My kids are going to continue to play as usual in their yard. And they’re nuts if they think I’m going to run behind those kids and pick up every little thing they drop.

City council is wrong. They don’t own the city of Ghent and the residents are not puppets. We are all human beings who pay their salaries. We have the right to be treated as equals and enjoy our lives like they do.

Just in case that the city council doesn’t know, I believe they are in violation of the city ordinance because they have a trash barrel placed in my yard. It constantly has beer cans, bottles, food wrappers and other trash in it that I believe is a health hazard and puts my kids at risk daily. I believe this should be corrected.

Earn your paychecks and get on your feet and walk the streets of Ghent and look at what you’re missing. Clean up the real problems before you nitpick in my yard.

Martha Sue Frazier