Couch is coach: TCHS hires ‘91 alum to guide Raiders basketball

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By Jacob Blair

Trimble County High School’s new basketball coach is no stranger to the school or the county, having walked the halls and worn a Raiders uniform himself.

Ron Couch, a technology teacher for Madison Consolidated Junior High School, was introduced as the new head coach to parents and players last Wednesday. Principal Michael Slider spoke highly of his newest hire, putting him “through the ringer” during his interview.

“As a young man comes through your program, from freshman through senior year, how is he going to change for the better?” Slider said. “I want to know those core values and how you’re going to make better young men because that’s the number one priority.

“He got past that gate with flying colors. I was very impressed from there on forward and I knew by the time we were done, I even brought him in for one more conversation, but I knew by the time we were done, I had my man.”

Couch played basketball, baseball and ran cross country for the Raiders. After graduating in 1991, he played basketball for Morehead State University and Warner University in Lake Wales, Fla. Once he realized he wouldn’t go on to professional basketball, he said he returned to Western Kentucky University to earn his degree.

After a career in sales, he got his master’s and has taught with Madison Consolidated Schools for six years, four in special education and two in technology. He also was the junior varsity basketball coach for several years and coached freshman baseball for five years.

“It’s always been a thought of mine to come back and be coach here,” Couch said. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do. It’s something that’s driven me, so I’m kind of excited at the opportunity.”

He already outline one of the goals he has for the team at the parent meeting: A noticeable presence at other athletic events.

“We’re going to do that for every other sport,” Couch said. “Do you know why? Because they all come and watch us. We’ll show up, we’ll all have the same shirts on, we’ll sit together, we’ll cheer them on, we’ll be Raiders.”

With a lot of pride as a Trimble County alumnus, Couch said he is already looking forward to the new role.

“From what it sounds like, they’ve got some talent,” said Couch. “Sounds like we’ve got a chance to have a good team and win a lot of games, so we’ll see how it goes.”