Board member reflects on first year, issues district currently faces

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As a new Trimble County Board of Education member, it’s been a pleasure to contribute to our local school students in their quest for continuing education. I want to thank board members Tony Walker, Kerry Callis, Kim Temple, Chairperson Jodi Ginn and Superintendent Steve Miracle for their support throughout my first year.

In addition to the regular school board meetings, three Kentucky School Board Association training conferences and symposiums were held during the year. These non-paid days of courses and presentations expose board members to an additional array of subjects ranging from ethics to finances.

The most disappointing aspect of being a board member is the ever decreasing state funding for education. The difficulty of meeting the students’ needs with less revenue makes local budgeting difficult. The county demographics continue to evolve dramatically. Each year there are fewer school-aged students than the year before. This, coupled with a growing older generation, affects future school planning of facilities usage as well as staffing.

Serving Trimble County Schools has obviously changed how I feel about our school system. Once, it only meant a sports contest, a band performance or a drama presentation. Now when I see our schools, I share a connection with students, teachers and staff, who learn and work within those walls. This is a remarkable responsibility, which should be shared by every member of the community.

William E. Robertson

Trimble County School

Board Member