Bedford's House of Horrors

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BY HILDA PARRISH | The Trimble Banner

I’m not afraid of most animals, insects and other critters.

About the only thing I fear is a snake of any kind. That being said, Saturday night I was afraid. I don’t know why but Isaac’s Haunted House of Horrors made my heart beat fast and my feet move faster.

We were told that several had started through the maze and within a minute were out the in door. They could not finish the tour. A maze filled with electronic pieces of Halloween artistry and an occasional human unexpectedly jumping at you made for a nervous “what’s coming next?” adventure for many. There is one more night, Oct. 27 from 6-11 p.m. and then it is closed for the year.

It took an 11-year old boy who said he was bored to dream up an exciting community event. Isaac Corley, according to his father, has always had a fancy for the scary toys. So when he came to him several months ago and asked if he could use the empty rooms at the former Country Store for a haunted house and showed his blueprint, William Corley said yes and helped him set it up. Petitions set up to make hallways, crocheting threads hanging from the ceiling to tickle your face and black trash bags slit into 4-inch strips complete the décor of the “house.” Every corner has something to make you jump.

Don’t wait for next year, with only one more night for this adventure take advantage while you are in Bedford for the Community Halloween Extravaganza on Saturday and stop by. It’s on Main Street and a very reasonable charge of $4 per adult; $2 for children for an extra special Halloween trick.