Beauty begins within: taking time to enjoy life

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Harmonizing Health with Patrice Joy Masterson

Life style changes in diet, exercise and stress reduction are the premise of healthy living and healthy looks. What we think and what we eat are at the foundation of how we look. What we take time to enjoy in the beauty around us not only gives greater meaning to our life, it adds to the beauty that is reflected in our appearance. Busy schedules and rushing adds years to our appearance and causes a decline in organ function. It is critically important to take time out to relax and indulge ourselves at times.

More and more holistic health centers are opening to address the needs of the whole person. For example: Spa Day is offered once a month at Harmonizing Health Retreat in Bedford to provide the opportunity to put cares aside and ‘play the day away’ for six luxurious hours of pampering and nurturing. Women enjoy a massage, Reiki, stress consultation, foot/hand care, chemical peel, microderm abrasion, organic meal, facial, walking the Labyrinth and resting in the various meditation points in the woods.  What a way to rejuvenate!

A stress consultation by the owner Patrice Joy Masterson reveals ways to let go of the inner turmoil. She explains that buried emotions cause inner turmoil and unhappy relationships. This turns into wrinkles on the face and pounds around the waist. Sitting around watching TV and playing video games causes lack of vitality. Stress release topics are presented to acquire a glowing complexion and optimum body function. Practitioners include Beverly McCombs, Jamie Best, Diane Wilson, Karen Bonura, Chelley Ronda, Janisse Corral and Valerie Grigsby with a scrumptious meal provided by Vicky Westrick and Renada Gaddis of Awesome Retreats.

The more tired we feel, the more tired, we look. Lethargy and dark circles don’t draw people in a magnetic desire to spend time with you. The easiest way to increase physical activity is to make it a part of your regular daily routine like taking the stairs, parking farther away to walk, walk when playing golf, walk whenever possible instead of driving, walk your dog.  

Awareness is the most valuable resource we have to realign ourselves. We can get caught in too much busyness and it becomes impossible to linger in the beauty. We get so overwhelmed, agitated, distraught and self-preoccupied that we can’t meet anybody or any situation with ease and appreciation. Each person is challenged to use their power of choice of prevention rather than recovery.

Patrice Joy Masterson, M.A., is a life coach, a certified holistic stress-management instructor, Reiki master and herbalist who lives in Bedford, Ky.