en Massie introduces DRIVE Act <p> At a recent House Rules committee hearing, one of my colleagues from New York declared that the potholes in the roads in her district are so bad, &ldquo;you can lose your car in them.&rdquo;&nbsp; Kentuckians and Americans from all over the country agree. It is long past time that something was done to address the deplorable state of the highways and infrastructure in this country.<br /> Proposed Clean Water Rule praised <p> By John Crabtree<br /> Center for Rural Affairs<br /> On May 27, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finalized their proposed Clean Water Rule to protect the streams and wetlands that form the foundation of the nation&rsquo;s water resources from pollution and degradation.<br /> EPA falls short on coal ash rule <p> Lexington Herald Leader<br /> Regulations issued last week by the Environmental Protection Agency for waste from coal-fired power plants are welcome but fall short of fully protecting the public.<br /> Coal ash &mdash; the residue left over after coal is burned to produce electricity &mdash; contains varying amounts of carcinogenic and toxic metals such as arsenic, barium and lead.<br /> Kentucky produces about 9 million tons a year of the waste, which is stored in ponds and landfills.<br /> ‘Free’ stuff comes with a cost <p> I love free stuff.<br /> When we lived in California we lived near scads of big- box warehouse stores that always gave away free samples. Sometimes, if you got there on the right day at the right time, you could eat enough free samples and be too full to eat lunch or dinner when you got home.<br /> I wasn&rsquo;t thinking of free stuff a few Sundays ago when I stopped at a little Pentecostal church I had never visited before, even though I&rsquo;ve talked to the pastor many times.<br /> And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Free goodies and coffee!<br /> Reader: Time for a superintendent to take schools out of ‘state control’ <p> Editor:<br /> My family and I have been members of this community for more than eighteen years. Through those years, we have watched two new schools built as well as a sports complex. Each time, we have asked, &ldquo;Is this for the betterment of our community?&rdquo;<br /> Kentucky lacking in broadband Internet technology <p> Three months ago, when the Washington Post ran a story comparing peak broadband internet speeds among the states, the news for Kentucky was not good: We came in last, behind Arkansas. Our rate is half of what can be found in Virginia, which placed second.<br /> Memory <p> I have reached the point in my life where my &ldquo;memory&rdquo; is as reliable as the weather in our fair commonwealth. If I don&rsquo;t put it in my phone or slap a note on the wall I can and will forget. I&rsquo;m constantly feeling the startling shock of awareness that I have forgotten something; and that something is usually critical to my well being. My kids have learned to remind me repeatedly of things I&rsquo;ve forgotten or they know I will forget. They have been down this particular road too many times to not accommodate their mother&rsquo;s leaky memory.<br /> The Law fulfilled for us <p> My friend Mike loves kitschy stuff and he loves God. So, anything that combines kitsch and God is a slice of heaven to him.<br /> Recently, someone gave him a Moses and the Ten Commandments clock. Moses, holding a stone tablet in each arm, is looking off into the distance, all holy-like, and there&rsquo;s lightning behind him.<br /> Every hour, but not quite on the hour, the clock will play some light piano music and a voice &mdash; could be God, could be Moses &mdash; announces a commandment. &ldquo;Thou shalt not kill&rdquo; or &ldquo;Honor your father and mother.&rdquo;<br />