en Turnout small in hearing over school plan <p> By DAVE TAYLOR<br /> The Trimble Banner<br /> A public hearing was held Thursday, June 16, to review with the public the Proposed Draft of the Facilities Plan developed by the Local Planning Committee for the Trimble County Schools.<br /> Only about 25 persons, including several members of the LPC, attended the hearing and only one individual from the public gave testimony after the plan had been presented.<br /> Murder trial delayed third time <p> By DAVE TAYLOR<br /> The Trimble Banner<br /> The trial of a man accused in the murder of a young woman in a Trimble County mobile home in 2013 has been delayed yet again. The latest delay resulted from a Kentucky Court of Appeal ruling, dated June 9, prohibiting commencement of the trial in Trimble Circuit Court on the June 15 scheduled date.<br /> Bevin announces Kentucky Council on Criminal Justice Reform <p> Kentucky Press News Service<br /> FRANKFORT &ndash; With prisons at capacity, overdose deaths on the rise, and families fractured by incarceration, Gov. Matt Bevin Tuesday announced what he calls plans to seek a smarter, compassionate, evidence-based approach to criminal justice in Kentucky.<br /> Manage mosquitoes while enjoying the great outdoors <p> By Melinda Myers<br /> Don&rsquo;t let disease-carrying mosquitoes keep you indoors this summer. Instead, employ these eight tips to protect yourself and manage these pests in your yard.<br /> Do a bit of yard and garden clean up. &nbsp;Remove weeds, manage neglected gardens and keep the lawn properly mowed to reduce resting spaces for adult mosquitoes.<br /> Clumps <p> I absolutely do not understand fashion. I realize that goes without saying if you know me, but I recently saw a commercial for a beauty product which baffled me.<br /> Summertime safety <p> Long summer days are here again! This is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy being outside, have BBQ and possibly even a vacation. While enjoying many different activities this time of year, make sure you are doing so safely.<br /> Enjoying the outdoors safely<br /> One common injury during the summer is sunburn. Make sure that you apply sunscreen in the morning and every two hours throughout the day while you are outside. Remember that if you are swimming or sweating, you should reapply sunscreen more often.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> Kentucky beef cattle spring market update <p> Emily Line selected for Shelby Energy Washington, D.C. youth tour <p> Each year, Shelby Energy provides the opportunity for area high school juniors to win a trip to Washington, D.C. The students submit applications that are judged based on school and civic activities, letters of recommendation, and an essay. This year, three students were chosen to represent Shelby Energy on the all-expense paid trip to the Kentucky Rural Electric Washington Youth Tour.<br /> The 2016 Shelby Energy Washington, D.C. Youth Tour delegates are: Emily Line of Trimble County High School, and Leef Davis and Daniel Martin, both of Shelby County High School.<br />