• August 15, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • August 8, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • Aug 1, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • July 25, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • July 18, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • I should have put much, much more thought into that fateful Saturday morning. I began the day full of energy and ambition; in my case, a volatile, sometimes disastrous mix. I decided that we needed bacon. Actually, I made the decision for everybody. I suppose the day was far too calm for the likes of me.

  • July 11, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • The stork of the canine world saw fit to deliver unto us a squirming, writhing, whining, yelping litter of beagles. A half dozen to be precise, although precision has never been my strong suit. Suffice it to say thanks to that infernal bird, and the callousness of the one who abandoned the dog in the first place, we are awash in four legged infants.

  • June 27, 1985 (30 Years Ago)

  • June 20, 1985 (30 Years Ago)
    Strawberry diseases and trickling irrigation kept the attention of a group of horticulturists from all over the Louisville area during a field trip in Trimble county last Friday. Sponsored by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, the trip focused on problems and solutions in strawberry renovation, disease control, trickling irrigation, and other farm concerns. Specialists from the University of Kentucky traveled with the group of about 15 to various parts of Bray Orchards to inspect tomato, pepper, and raspberry fields.

  • June 13, 1985 (30 Years Ago)