Today's Opinions

  • Unemployment insurance among legislative issues

    When it comes to policy, unemployment insurance may not generate as many headlines as education and public safety, but for working families dealing with the loss of a job, few programs are more important.
    President Roosevelt signed this safety net into law 80 years ago last week as part of the Social Security Act. Since then, it has weathered numerous ups-and-downs in the economy, but beyond the Great Depression itself, none tested the system quite like the crisis that hit the country in 2008.

  • Snakes in the Closet

    While writing this piece I realized the title may be met with skepticism.  Although it may be easier to state that the following is purely fictional, rest assured that every word is perfectly factual. Once again the tale takes place in our eccentric home which has gradually become more like me with the passage of time. Whether that is a good or bad thing remains to be seen.

  • The return of shame

    When I was a kid, we used to sing the taunt, “Shame, shame, everybody knows your name!”
    I don’t remember who taught it to us, but we took great delight in singing it to anyone we wanted to shame and humiliate.
    I was a horrible child. I’m still horrible, but I clean up nicely and mostly refrain from pointing out people’s sin to their face in public.
    Still, what is it about us humans that we love to shame others?

  • More affordable prices for 111th Kentucky State Fair

    A Century, a decade, a year … and counting!           
    The Kentucky State Fair celebrates its 111th year in 2015, with a colorful 11-day fanfare of food, music, rides, agriculture, animals, entertainment and fun, Aug. 20-30.

  • State making ‘positive strides’ in education

    There is a saying that you can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been. That’s especially true when it comes to our schools.
    Since education represents the single-largest category in state spending – more than half of every dollar when you include our public colleges and universities – the General Assembly understandably keeps a close eye on its progress, and with a two-year budget to enact in 2016, now is a good time for a more comprehensive review.

  • Tourists

    My husband took me on a long-awaited honeymoon for our fourth anniversary. Since we both love the outdoors we went to the Smokey Mountains. This is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. The mountains, woodlands, streams and falls were amazing. We could have stayed there for a month and found something new and wonderful to explore. Finally, like an errant bear, we wandered into town looking for food. That’s when you discover----Pigeon Forge…….

  • Run toward grace

    You may not know the name Tullian Tchividjian, but you’ve heard of his grandfather, Billy Graham.
    Tullian is the former pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale. He resigned last month after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with someone other than his wife.


    Readers share ‘pitfalls’ of AT&T 4G LTE network
    It was with great interest that we read the article in the Trimble Banner titled “AT&T Improves 4G LTE Network in Trimble,” published July 30, 2015. Coincidentally, we had been interacting with AT&T all week regarding the same issue, and although the improved network may benefit many in Trimble County, we had a different experience and would like to share it, in order that others are made aware of some of the pitfalls of the new network.