Today's Opinions

  • TCMS students raising fire-safety awareness

    We are sixth-grade Esprit students at Trimble County Middle School and we are raising awareness for fire prevention and safety.
    Fire is the most preventable and common disaster in Trimble County. Most people who are injured or killed in fires either don’t have a smoke detector or don’t have working batteries.
    We are sending surveys home with all TCMS students to find out the need for working detectors.

  • Sports engages small percentage of students

    This letter is to comment on the editorial concerning the Trimble County School Board’s interest in building an athletic complex. An earlier editorial indicated that I seemed to be in opposition to the complex. That is not necessarily the case.

  • Senate considers several bills in 2011

    Usually, the first week of the short legislative session is an organizational week, when the two parties elect their leadership.  This year was different. When we announced the Senate Majority legislative agenda in December, we committed to move aggressively on passing legislation regarding job creation, education, and transparent and responsive government.  With the passage of these bills, the “Agenda for Prosperity,” very few can say we didn’t deliver on that promise this first week.

  • Organization part one of legislative session

    At the start of January, there are two things that can always be counted on: It will take at least two weeks to write the new year correctly on such things as checks, and the General Assembly will return to the Frankfort to begin a new legislative session.
    That got under way this past week, when I and the other just-elected or re-elected members of the General Assembly were sworn in and the House and Senate leaders formally chosen.

  • Farming remains Kentucky’s strong suit

    Although the economy has weathered some of its toughest years since the Great Depression, there has been one bright spot for Kentucky: Agriculture.
    The new year, in fact, may just bring a new record with it.
    If all goes well, farm receipts could top $5 billion in 2011, or a billion dollars more than just several years ago.

  • Like it? Don’t like it?

    I’m already on the record for being in favor of the Trimble County Board of Education’s plan to possibly build a new baseball/softball/tennis complex for high school athletes.
    Personally, I think it would be a boost to the entire community, and would have a positive impact on students at the high school and, eventually, in the lower grades.

  • Christmas presents seem to project interesting ‘theme’

    Well, it’s official. I have, apparently, reached middle age.
    It must be true, because two of my favorite Christmas gifts this year were a parafin-wax hand spa that my Dear Husband bought for me and a full-back/shoulder shiatsu chair-cushion massager that I bought for him. (Yes, some gifts I buy for him are for me, too.)
    Oh, and did I mention the massager also includes heat? Woot!

  • New fields would boost participation, pride

    I would like to share my thoughts on the proposed sports complex.
    Athletics play an important role in the lives of students. If handled correctly, athletics teach the importance of academics, leadership, discipline, endurance, hard work, social skills, and also help with the obesity problem among our youth.