Today's Opinions

  • CASA organization seeking volunteers

    In 2007, CASA, a non-profit that helps abused and neglected children, expanded its program to include Trimble County. 10 years later the organization is looking to continue growing its program as child abuse and neglect cases rise in Kentucky.
    Last year, there were 28,000 substantiated cases of abuse and neglect in the state. 1 in 5 of those occurred in CASA of the River Region’s service area. While CASA served 447 children, there were over 400 waiting for someone to stand up for them.

  • Supports school board, superintendent

    In response to a letter to the editor by Ms. Gayle Banta I would like to say:
    Your current superintendent and board members have done very well in trying to keep your community informed. I read the articles each week that the superintendent has written in order for you and your community to be informed---maybe you should read them!

  • General Assembly srives to battle drug epidemic

    Someone abuses drugs every hour in Kentucky. But just how people are addicted to drugs in Kentucky is hard to quantify.
    The reason for that is not every addict seeks treatment, and many die as a result:  A record number of 1,248 people dying from overdoses in 2015 alone, according to the state.

  • Civility is on life support

    Civility is on life support. But the body politic was sick long before James T. Hodgkinson assaulted GOP Congressmen at a baseball practice, critically wounding Con. Steve Scalise and wounding five others after asking whether the men on the field were Republicans or Democrats.

  • Church: Why bother? Here’s why

    These days, a lot of people are in recovery, from drug or alcohol addiction, from childhood trauma and abuse -- the list goes on.
    It’s good that people are seeking help for the things that hurt them.
    But church?
    Over the years I’ve noticed an increasing number of articles and books and blogs written by “recovering” church people, former Christian fundamentalists or evangelicals, former Catholics, former Baptists.

  • Cure for rotting bones

    If it’s true, as the proverb says, that “envy rots the bones,” then my bones are dust.
    Every once in awhile I hear from a certain friend whose life is perfect, or so I think.
    Just recently she posted on Facebook: “Well, we can cross a trip to Ireland off our list!! Had a fabulous vacation with all our wonderful kids, their spouses and our five -- five!! -- adorable grandbabies!!!”

  • Reader unhappy with board of education

    Back in November the voters of Trimble County rejected a 5-cent school tax increase. Now the school board attempts to cram the 5-cent tax down the throats of Trimble County citizens again. How many times can a few individuals try to force the rest of us to pay for something we don’t want?
    I suggest we need to replace this school board as soon as possible.
    James P. Below

  • Stars and Stripes birthday often unnoticed

    Flag Day commemorates the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes as our national symbol, an action taken by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777.
    Usually this isn’t much of a holiday.  Stores are busy, federal and state offices are open, and the US Postal Service runs the mail. Come June 14 each year, the vast majority of Americans probably have no idea that a holiday is being observed.
    I believe Flag Day deserves better. So let’s pause for just a minute to reflect on why.