Today's Opinions

  • Why do we pray?

    According to a recent LifeWay Research survey, when God answers prayer, he tends to do it in the South.
    Two times as many Southerners as people in the Northeast who pray say all of their prayers have been answered.
    Hmmm. I live in the South and I’m here to tell you that the survey is hooey, at least if you judge by my “God answers my prayers” track record.

  • Proven experience, dedicated public service and family values are a winning combination for Judge Allison Jones


  • Be an informed voter this November 4th

    It will soon be time to vote in the upcoming election.  Before you vote did you know you can go online and check out the voting record of candidates?  We did just that and you can too.
    At the end of this letter will be an internet address you can access to check the facts we have found.
    Here is what we found.  Senator Mitch McConnell’s voting records.
    AGAINST raising minimum wage.  Many people are working two or three jobs just to live, allowing no time for families.

  • Feeley votes sought

    The upcoming election for the 12th Judicial Family Court Judge is important for the families in Henry, Oldham and Trimble Counties.  Having worked in our court system in excess of 27 years, I have observed our judges during this time and wish to express my respect and feelings about the necessary dedication required to do this job well as our judges have done over the years.  

  • Eating habits lead to overweight Kentuckians

    Of all the medical gains our country has made during the last 50 years, there is one area affecting our collective health that has gotten steadily worse: our weight.  
    In the early 1960s, for example, only a fraction of children was considered overweight, but the rates now are at least three times as high.  As for adults, more than a third are considered obese and millions more are nearing that threshold.

  • Legislators going ‘Back to School’ nationwide

    Starting this week, hundreds of state legislators from across the country will begin visiting classrooms to kick off the 16th annual “America’s Legislators Back to School Program.”

    Sponsored by the National Conference of State Legislatures, this event initially lasted just one day but now extends through much of the school year.  While most students tour the state Capitol at least once, often during a field trip in elementary school, this program brings state government to them.

  • DNA research and your diet

    Compiled by the Rev. Patrice Joy Masterson, MA Reiki Master Instructor, from the book, “How to Reprogram Your DNA for Optimum Health,” by Adelle LaBree

    Anew field called “Nutrigenomics”is devoted to the study of the effects of foods on genetic behavior. By analyzing how different foods interact with specific genes, researchers have confirmed that the food you eat directly influences the metabolic programming of your cells.

  • Whether it’s things or feelings, hoarding is never good for you

    When we moved to Florida from California 23 years ago, we did so with only the things we could fit into two vehicles.

    That meant getting rid of 15 years’ worth of possessions to start over, which was both sad and exciting.

    I especially hated parting with the coffee table my husband had accidentally autographed. He tends to write hard and had been signing checks. After that, at a certain angle you could see a half-dozen “Barry Kennedy” indentations in the table top.