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  • Thanksgiving Proclamation

    By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

  • Thanksgiving Proclamation

    By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

  • A Psalm of Thanksgiving

    Editor’s note: Nancy Kennedy has been writing an annual psalm of thanksgiving since 1999 when she first started writing her column.

    Dear God,
    Every year at this time I sit down to compose a psalm of thanksgiving, my thanks and gratitude to you for another year that has passed.

  • Hoping the wishbone breaks in your favor

    While the Fourth of July is understandably the most American holiday, Thanksgiving can at least lay claim to being the first.
    Its origin, as even our youngest students can tell us, began long before our independence, and we’re now just seven years away from the 400th anniversary of when the Pilgrims and Native Americans held a three-day feast.

  • Original 13 states celebrated Thanksgiving Day in 1789

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    While the annual Thanksgiving Day national holiday began with a presidential proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln at the height of the Civil War in 1863, the very first presidential proclamation of a national day of thanksgiving was issued at the request of Congress by our nation’s first president, George Washington, in 1789. Previously, harvest festivals and special days set aside for thanksgiving had been proclaimed at the discretion of the governors of individual colonies.

  • Advice to my sons

    In Thanksgiving 2007, I had a disappointing experience in which my sons had planned a trip to see me on the holiday and they cancelled at the last minute due to a confusion of agendas. This was my response in a letter to my two college age sons, Patrick and Kevin.

    To My Sons,

  • Anatomy of an apology

    The Huffington Post online site posts a “cute kid note of the day.”
    One of the most popular notes is called “I Am Sorry Ben.” It goes:
    I am sorry Ben. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I feel like crap.
    I love you and I was trying to hit Chris. I hate my choice I made. I rally (sic) hope you except (sic) my apollogee (sic). When I throo (sic) the sizzors (sic) I was aiming for Chris. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • The trip(s) to bountiful

    It’s the journey. Not the destination. For sure.