Today's Opinions

  • Here’s a great idea: Let’s stop fighting

    All of us who believe in Jesus, let’s all stop nit-picking the peripherals and incidentals of our faith. After all, we are all one, right?
    I got this great idea even before going to see a local Pentecostal preacher for a story I was working on about Pentecostalism. Even though I had reams of history and background information, I wanted to talk to a real Pentecostal -- a Holy Ghost preacher.

  • Grass clippings in roadway create potential hazard for motorcycles

    It is mowing time. It is also motorcycle time. When people mow along the road and allow the trimmings to blow onto the road, they are creating a potentially deadly situation. For a motorbike, hitting those wet clippings is like hitting ice. Please, take this into consideration when mowing near the road. Either mow away from the road for a couple of passes or take a quick trip down the road to remove the clippings. It just might save someone’s life.
    Lynn Comeaux

  • Bedford Cemetery guidelines

    The Bedford Cemetery has begun the mowing season and would like to remind everyone that no items are to be placed on the ground or in the mowing path. Items around the stones are to be placed on the stone and off the ground. Due to the possibility of injury while weed eating, no items should be on the ground. They will be thrown away. Please remove all Christmas items.
    Memorial Day flowers can be placed on Friday, May 23, and they will be removed on Friday, May 30. Please pick up items early on May 30 so the cemetery can be mowed on Friday afternoon.

  • Positive gains made in legislature

    When the General Assembly adjourned at midnight Tuesday night, it did so having worked to make Kentucky better by passing legislation aimed at improving the lives of Kentuckians, by passing twice a budget with a lower debt ratio and structural imbalance than what was originally suggested by the Governor and House of Representatives.

  • Closing days of General Assembly were busy sessions

    When the General Assembly left the Capitol late last month for its traditional veto recess – the roughly two-week period a governor has to approve or reject legislation – it was already becoming clear that the regular session’s final two days would be busy.
    That certainly proved to be the case early last week, when the House and Senate worked late to find common ground on several high-profile issues.

  • Easter is for laughing

    When I was a new Christian, I discovered a portrait of Jesus called the “Laughing Christ” at a Christian book store.
    At the time I was attending a serious church, a church where the thought of Jesus laughing was most likely frowned on. Maybe Jesus smiled at babies and puppies, but telling jokes with his friends? God forbid.
    Consequently, because the serious people at that serious church were so serious about their Christian faith, they presented Jesus as serious too. Serious equals somber and sober, which equals humorless and kinda mean.

  • Nevada, rebirth of a free nation

    Just the other day in Nevada Americans stood strong and I truly believe history was being made and a rebirth of a free nation is at hand. Sad to say it will take a little longer because the un-American government backed off when we the people did not cow under.

  • Legislators tackle lingering issues

    Traditionally, the last day of a legislative session is set aside just to consider any vetoes the governor may make.  Recently, however, the General Assembly has also used the time to wrap up a few lingering issues, and this year is no different.