Today's Opinions

  • Reader troubled by front page photo

    As I perused my anxiously awaited Trimble Banner, my first words upon seeing the picture ‘Sewer Repair’ were “You have got to be kidding!”
    The picture shows Bedford Waste Water Superintendent Jim Hoskins operating a small tractor with a backhoe attachment on an incline. This by itself is not too newsworthy except that the picture shows the R.O.P.S. (Roll Over Protection System) is partially removed and therefore non-functional!

  • Memorial Day a time to remember the debt we owe

    It may not be the official start of the season, but for most of us, the upcoming three-day weekend is when summer arrives.
    This time is about much more than that, of course. More importantly, it’s when our nation pays tribute to those who died defending our country.
    That list now has more than 1.2 million names, about half of which were added during the four years of the Civil War.

  • Miscellaneous musings and random scribbles

    Once again, after going through my column ideas folder of scribbled notes on church bulletins, saved emails and starts of columns I haven’t finished, I’m turning these random bits of miscellany into today’s column.
    I hope some of these thoughts will be helpful to someone reading this.
    * “How could a thorn ever be grace?” That’s from a song, “Strong,” that I heard at a church recently. Thorns hurt, and I was hurting that day.

  • Rotary Club thanks the community for lunch wagon support


  • High school faculty, staff expresses thanks for Teacher Appreciation meals

    A huge “thank you” to the many Trimble County High School parents who prepared the delicious food for Teacher Appreciation Week! Your generosity and kindness are very much appreciated. It is a blessing to work in a community with such wonderful people!
    The Faculty and Staff of TCHS

  • State’s tourism industry loaded with attractions

    Next year, Kentucky’s tourism industry will mark a major milestone when Mammoth Cave celebrates the 200th anniversary of its first commercial tour.
    The world’s longest cave is our country’s second-oldest paid attraction, trailing only Niagara Falls, and it and the surrounding national park have since become a major destination. It draws more than two million visitors a year aboveground, and about a fourth of those tour the sights below.

  • The joy of being a sinner

    Thanks to my daughter, Alison, I’ve been listening to Chris Rosebrough, a Lutheran pastor in North Dakota who has a daily podcast, “Fighting for the Faith.”
    He critiques sermons by a number of superstar Christian pastors and speakers who have become more enamored with themselves than with Jesus. Among other things, Rosebrough points out how they mangle or water down scripture, or ignore it altogether.

  • Project Prom labeled ‘wonderful success’

    As Project Prom has quickly come and gone for this school year, I want to thank all that gave of your time and talents to make this a wonderful experience for our youth! Project Prom takes the combined effort of the Project Prom Committee, community, schools, board members, food services, businesses, and churches.