• Volunteers needed


    Last year, my husband and I joined the Apple Festival Committee as volunteers to help put on the annual festival in September.  I can truly say we had a very rewarding experience in seeing the festival come together for the enjoyment of our community and visitors alike.  At best count, there were over 5,000 people who delighted in the festivities; including contests, arts and crafts vendors, music, food, activities for children, an antique tractor show, and of course, the beautiful handmade quilts!!!

  • Local candidate seeks votes for co-op board


    The first contested election for a position on the Shelby Energy Cooperative Board of Directors will happen this year at the 75th Annual Meeting.  

    You may wonder why someone would challenge the incumbent director representing Trimble and Carroll counties?  Because as a member-owner, I believe that the Board of Directors’ meetings should be open to the owner-members and that our energy should be clean, affordable and efficient. 

  • Bridge project means no Milton roadblocks


    It is the time of year again for Crusade For Children roadblocks in the county. It is, however, with great regret and heavy hearts that the Milton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department will not be doing a roadblock this year.

    Our members enjoy doing this detail every year, so this was a very difficult decision for them. But, with work ongoing on the Milton-Madison Bridge and traffic flow uncertain because of that, our main concern must be with the safety of our firefighters and the traveling public.

  • Candidate thanks voters for support on May 22


    I want to thank the people of Trimble County for electing me as your new Circuit Court clerk. I am humbled and honored to have your support and trust. I am looking forward to the new duties and responsibilities I will face when I take office in January, and I will be working hard in my new position to make you proud.

  • Bedford Cemetery states flower policy


    I wish to let everyone know that the Bedford Cemetery policy states that NO flowers or other items can be placed on the ground during the mowing season from April 1 to October 1.

    Please DO NOT decorate the Bedford Cemetery for Memorial Day until Wednesday afternoon, May 23. This will give the mowers time to mow and weed-eat. It is hard to mow around things on the ground.

  • A candidate worth your vote


    What do you look for in a candidate for a public office? I look for a variety of things.

  • Resident objects to quarry sludge plan


    I as a citizen of Trimble County, Ky., object to the issuance of a modification of permit LRL 2008-600. This objection deals with the waste soil part of the permit.

    The proposed lake site to be filled with waste soil is adjacent to Trimble County Water District wells that supply drinking water to Trimble County, Ky.

  • Reader encourages residents request public hearing regarding sludge application


    All citizens of Trimble County should be concerned about outside companies trying to use our town as a dump site for garbage, coal ash, sludge, and anything else! As a citizen of Trimble County, Ky., I object to the issuance of permit LRL-2008-600. Filling Liter’s Quarry, located at Wise’s Landing in Trimble County, with sludge from the Louisville Water Company presents many significant concerns.

    Among these concerns are:

  • Former court official encourages support for Stacy Bruner


    A note to the people of Trimble County: My name is Billie Jo Jones. Some of you may remember me. I served the people of Trimble County as Family Court Deputy Clerk for seven years and very much enjoyed my job.

    I had the pleasure of working with Stacy Bruner. I am encouraging all voters to get out and vote on May 22, 2012 for Stacy Bruner as our new Trimble County Circuit Clerk. She is experienced. Stacy served as Deputy and then Chief Deputy in the Circuit Clerk’s Office. She knows the job and what it takes to do it right.

  • Project Prom chair expresses appreciation to local community, committee members


    On behalf of Trimble County Project Prom I would like to thank those who donated to us. Whether it was through a donation of money, items or time we appreciate all that was given to make this event such a success.

    I would especially like to thank the Project Prom Committee and the dedication they have brought to this committee. Many were new to this committee this year and they were fantastic workers. Without a committee this event would not be possible.