• Apple Fest. a huge hit

    Oh my goodness!!!!  Was this year’s APPLE  FESTIVAL  the best  in a long time or what?????  It was a HUGE success and I’m proud to be a part of such a wonderful community!!!
    I want to extend a personal “THANK YOU” to all COMMITTEE MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS, and SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT, for your untiring efforts to accomplish this triumph!  
    After a brief time for some much needed rest, I look forward to preparing for our 2015 FESTIVAL!
    REMEMBER – it is never TOO early to volunteer!

  • Rotary appreciative

    On behalf of the Bedford Rotary Club, we want to thank you for furnishing us with the DISCOVER Trimble booklets to be handed out at the Kentucky State Fair.
    Also, it is very much appreciated the press coverage that you have given Bedford Rotary Club for the past years and especially this year. The picture that was on the front page featuring Eddie and Ann Wise was especially attractive.
    Again, thanks so much for your support of Trimble County and the Club.
    June Ginn, Member
    Bedford Rotary Club

  • Reader views election

    Here is an all-American wake up for the voters and taxpayers that demands a quality service of the ones we go to the polls to elect.
    Priority one—Do what we, the majority, demands of you. Do not at any time use our over the top high taxes that you raise on a whim for your pet project or your pork barrel spending that the elitist minority (the “good ole boy” system) demands of you.

  • Lady Raider golfers thank scramble sponsors

    The Trimble County Girls Golf Team held a golf scramble on May 31st at Cardinal Hills golf course. Thanks to all of our sponsors, it was a very successful day. Please help us show our appreciation to these generous sponsors by expressing our thanks if you should cross their path.  They are:
    Hole Sponsors:
    Craig Toyota
    American Legion Post 9
    McCubbin Ford
    Bedford Bank
    Bill Mudd Electric
    Earl Floyd Ford
    Lynda & Bruce Perry
    Farmer’s Bank
    Bluegrass Drug Center

  • ‘Ashamed’ to live in Trimble County


  • Nevada, rebirth of a free nation

    Just the other day in Nevada Americans stood strong and I truly believe history was being made and a rebirth of a free nation is at hand. Sad to say it will take a little longer because the un-American government backed off when we the people did not cow under.

  • Reader responds to minimum wage letter

    In response to Tod Griffin’s letter (Feb. 13, 2014) about not increasing the minimum wage, Tod said that it was a fact that raising the minimum wage would fail miserably as an anti-poverty policy but Tod fails to cite proof. Everything I’ve seen says the opposite.
    He claims that “Raising the minimum wage would in fact reduce job opportunities for young minorities” but again fails to cite facts supporting this often repeated lie.

  • Postmaster requests keep mailboxes clear

    Severe wintery weather conditions can create challenges for everyone, especially those whose job requires them to work outside in the elements. Postal letter carriers are among those who brave the snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain to provide service to the community.  
    Letter carriers can be the first to visit someone’s home before snow removal or salting begins. That’s why I’m asking Trimble county residents to include the regular upkeep of residential mailboxes as part of any snow and ice removal routine. 

  • Citizens encouraged to attend meeting on waste landfill Feb. 20

    This is a request to the Citizens of Trimble County who are concerned about clean air, clean water, and the environment of our county to attend the Open Meeting that will be held by the Division of Waste Management on February 20th at 7:00 p.m. at the Trimble County High School gymnasium to answer questions and hear concerns regarding LG&E’s revised permit application for a 189-acre coal fly ash landfill.  

  • Animal control hosts meeting Tuesday