Guest Columns

  • Who is worthy enough?

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about a local pastor, Larry Silverman, of New Covenant Grace Fellowship.
    Shortly after that I was dusting my bookcase and found a book Larry wrote, “The River is Here.”
    The river in the title is taken from something Jesus said: “Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart’” (John 7:38, New Living Translation).

  • EMS death benefits bill passes Senate

    As the Senate eagerly awaits a budget proposal from the House of Representatives, we are busy passing bills both out of committee and through the Senate to send to our House colleagues during the eighth week of the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly.

  • Consumer protection focus of four House measures last week

    When it comes to the public’s safety and well-being, consumer protection may not always grab the headlines, but that doesn’t diminish its importance.
    It was the key theme last week in the Kentucky House, which moved forward not one but four bills touching on this issue.

  • On National FFA Week, join me in reflecting on the importance of FFA in Kentucky

    This is National FFA Week, so I wanted to let Kentuckians know how important FFA is to me.
    Growing up on a farm in central Kentucky, where my family has lived and farmed for more than 200 years, I proudly wore the blue corduroy jacket as an active member of Scott County High School’s FFA chapter.
    FFA is important to Kentucky because it prepares our next generation of farmers and agricultural leaders. Who knows? A future Kentucky commissioner of agriculture might be a member of FFA right now, just as I was.

  • Be winsome to win some

    Ask a group of restaurant servers which is their least favorite shift to work and their number one answer will be Sunday after church.
    It seems we churchgoers are a cranky bunch when we’re hungry, and that’s putting it politely.
    Their consensus of us is that we’re demanding and rude. We sit in large groups and stay longer than we should, discussing the morning’s sermon (or latest church gossip), commenting on the heathens at the nearby table drinking Bloody Marys.

  • Senate passes two priority bills

    Heated floor speeches, huge committee hearings, and the observance of Presidents’ Day highlighted the seventh week of the 2016 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly. As we have passed the halfway point of this session, the countdown begins as we in the Senate anticipate the forthcoming 2016-2018 budget bill from the House of Representatives.
    There was no shortage of bill movement in the Senate this week as we passed two of our priority bills, Senate Bill (SB) 1 and SB 5.

  • General Assembly seeks to build on veteran causes

    Over the past 15 years, the General Assembly has re-dedicated itself to helping veterans and those men and women still serving our country.
    Some of the more high-profile laws enacted during that time include establishing a series of nursing homes and state-run cemeteries benefiting veterans and their families; excluding active-duty military pay from the state’s income tax; and making it easier for veterans to use their military training when applying for jobs in such fields as education and emergency services.

  • Sexting is child pornography

    In the recent weeks it has become apparent that some time needs to be given on the topic of appropriate use of technology, more to the point, sexting. My purpose in this article is to inform and prepare so that as a community and a school district we may become more proactive in stopping the inappropriate use of technology by the children in our community. Sexting is the most alarming way in which our youth misuse their technology. I have spent some time in other articles on social media and cyber bullying, but sexting is a growing problem not just in Trimble County, but all over.

  • Celebrities promote Save the Children

    With many guests, packed committee meetings, and energetic rallies, it was another exciting week in Frankfort. Hollywood stars, national organizations, and winter weather greeted the Kentucky General Assembly during week six of the 2016 Session.

  • State’s infrastructure, economic development focus of the House

    The General Assembly debates dozens of bills each legislative session, but most fall under several broad categories: education, health and public safety, infrastructure and economic development.
    Those last two were the chief focus of the Kentucky House’s work last week, as my colleagues and I approved legislation that would make it easier for government and the private sector to work together and that would take an in-depth look at the state’s workforce development programs.